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  1. I've not updated the firmware yet, the drive models are: DVR 106D and DVR 109, both of them Pioneer and I've the same problem with both of them.
  2. Hi, thank you for your suggestions. I had problems with windows 2000 too, so i've tried with a LG Cd burner and all is working fine. With XP too. Now, do you thing that an upgrade of the Pioneer a109 firmware will solve the problem or it should depends by something else? thanks, alberto
  3. Hi to all. I hope I'll be clear, I not speak english very well. System worked fine till 3 days ago, when I noticed that the dvd burner (a pioneer A106) began reading wrong every support type, I was unable to open directories on the cd/dvd and windows xp (sp2) freezing until I remove the support from the burner. I thought that the burner were broken so I bought a new dvd burner (a pioneer A109) and I've installed it and windows xp has recognized as "pioneer dvd burner A109". But when I put a cd/dvd in I join the same situation: unable to browse directories ad xp freezing till I remove the cd/dvd I tried to re-install windows xp and at the first reboot it was impossible to install drivers because every cd made xp freezing. So I decided to install windows 2000 pro and all is working fine now. Could someone help me? I can't understan what's happening with windows xp Thank you, Alberto
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