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  1. I'll give it an hour or so for the thing to reset now the battery is out.
  2. Its more likely to be software related, have you tried reinstalling the games? Sometimes files on disk can become damaged due to hardware glitches or viruses.
  3. RAM has been checked already, the RAM was working at 1.5-2-2-5 for a LONG time. 2x256 PC2700 sticks give the same results. Either the BIOS is corrupt or the NorthBridge/interface has burned out. When it last worked I increased the DRAM voltage to 3.5v from 3.3v to get a higher FSB, a few hours later and a solid blue screen appeared; no writing and not a BSOD. Since it wasn't the RAM I thought it might be the memory controller but the CPU is fine so that leaves the board.
  4. How long have you had the board? Has it ever worked? The chance of the board allowing only one memory stick and working must be remote, have both the sticks been tested at the same time on a different system? I can't even get mine to detect the memory so your doing a LOT better than some, consider yourself lucky you get it to work at all.
  5. RMA really is a last resort, I still haven't tried removing the battery to help reset the CMOS but I can't; it won't move. I was thinking it might be a cold boot issue but extra stubborn. The battery has a small piece of metal above it, perhaps if I pull this with some pliers will it give? Could someone please tell me how to remove the battery?
  6. So far I've been down for several weeks and I've just been told the CPU is working normally so that leads me to suspect the Ultra-D motherboard is not operating within normal parameters. This board has caused nothing but trouble :mad: as I have had starting problems before but eventually it worked again after so long but now I have little time or patience. The long beeping and presence of 3 red L.E.D's is such as common occurance yet there are no definite solutions? :mad: There is one thing I haven't tried before replacing it, what is the procedure for removal of the battery? There are many references to removing the battery but no where does it explain this further.
  7. I can't find any references to a corporate edition, not even on the microsoft product information website, I hope you didn't buy it from Mr Torrent.
  8. MS doesn't care whether you buy it or not, it still won't let me activate it. I had to reinstall after the system configuration file became corrupt. Installing Windows XP doesn't remove any files or settings, old user directories are kept.
  9. Is it possible the memory controller could have died yet the CPU is still detected as normal? Thats the best theory I came up with. I have 3 LED's too. The usage of vdimm over 3.2v could possibly damage board chipsets or even the on-die controller. I know the RAM itself is fine.
  10. I have 3 LEDs and I'm stumped too. It was fine for months until I put 3.5v through the memory to try and reach 3Ghz. It was stable several hours until it just froze with a garbled display, I turned it off to find it wouldn't boot. Is it possible that the CPU could be detected with a burned out on-die memory controller? In other words either the built in memory controller or the lanparty interface is at fault. Replacing the latter is a lot more tiresome.
  11. This thread seems relevant to my problem of 3 LED's and constant beeping on a system that was fine for a long time until it crashed suddenly. Since I'm told heart failure it more probable than a DFI failing I suspect the CPU is knackered. I suspect the 3.5vdimm and 3Ghz overclock contributed to the rapid demise of the CPU.
  12. Alright, I believe you and I am now convinced its Windows after seeing memtest run for a while. Thanks for the sound advice.
  13. ...I have flashed it to 310. The memory is Mushkin Redline XP4000, 2x512mb, more info here http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=61037. Ok I've fired it up again, this is what happens: it says timings 2 3 6 2 and voltage is at 3.2v, windows is struggling, command 1T. Using two keyboards/mice/ is confusing my hands... What should I set the PCI Express frequency to 100 or more? Is 3.2v enough for the RAM?
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