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  1. Hello All! My current setup for my home theater is a Sony 60" SXRD, Hughes HR10-250 DVR (DTV) Playstation 3 and a Sony 6.1 Audio System. The wife and I are TV junkies for sure and sometimes the dual tuner on the DVR just isnt enough for a particular time slot. I primarily record HD material either OTA thru the DVR or watch blu ray movies thru the playstation. I'm debating on getting the HR20 from DTV for a second DVR, but wondering if I would be better off building an HTPC instead. Can I build a system that will be able to record HD material OTA or thru the satellite? Would the quality be as good or better than the DVR? And also it would be cool to see what some of the PC games would look like on the 60" set. Thanks for any and all advice! John
  2. Well after 10 days and trying everything possible I was finally ready to give up on the DQ6. I set up the RMA but since ZZF doesnt have any in stock now I have to wait 4 to 6 weeks. Brutal! So I ordered a DS3 on Monday from Newegg (would have ordered the DQ6 from them, but they were out of stock at the time) and it arrived on Tuesday. Put it in last night and everything went together perfectly. Memtest passed 10 times with no errors, so I set up the raid 0 and installed windows. Everything went perfectly, so I started running orthos. 8 hours later no warnings no errors! To think that the whole time the motherboard was causing that nightmare. What a drag. Thanks to all who helped me thru that mess. In 6 weeks when I get the DQ6 back I think i'll beef up one of my nforce 2 systems.
  3. Hey Praz, it must be a single threaded version, its one that I used before on AMD builds (from a couple years ago i'm guessing) I'll try running another instance of it and see what happens. Yes it bothered me as well to read that the g.skill tech was blowing off memtest results. That's one thing for sure, this system wants nothing to do with memtest or orthos.
  4. I tried one more thing before turning in. I noticed that everyone with dual core's are running orthos instead of prime95. So I installed that and was hoping to run that over night. No good, it locked up immediately. Tried to give it a little more voltage and went as far as 2.1 again and still no good, instant lock up upon opening orthos. I took out one stick and tried it again....no good, instant lock up in orthos. I tried prime 95....runs beautifully. Any ideas?
  5. Well the system went 10 hours without a problem in prime 95. I turned it off and put in the 2nd stick and when i entered windows, it locked up. I increased the vdimm another +.1 to 2.0v and it locked again. Tried another .1 and it still locked at 2.1v. Gonna call it a night and try again tomorrow, hopefully i can figure out a way to get both sticks to work.
  6. Well I got tired of the constant attempt to pass memtest. And I read on xtremesystems forum where a G.Skill tech told some guys to forget about the memtest with this memory. So I thought I'd look at something else forawhile as I continue to tweak bios. I set the bios to a very minor volt increase 1.9 (+.1 over stock) and the memory multiplier i set to 2.0. Everything else is default. Now this setting and memtest, will lock up everytime within a few minutes. But I booted into windows with one stick in and thought I'd take a stab at prime 95 to see how soon it locks up. Well its currently still running at about the 7 hour mark which is huge for me as I've never had this system run for more than a few minutes before without a reboot. So does this cancel out the possibility that the corsair psu or the conroe could be the culprit? And point straight to the mobo? And also that maybe the mobo is ok and that its still just tweaking these settings just right to get this thing stable. I will try later with 2 sticks although they are instant lock up so far on all combo's. Thanks for all the help guys!
  7. Hey wevsspot, Thanks for the input! I did go to the xtremesystems site and looked thru that whole section. I didn't find anything pertaining to the DQ6 model, but several references to the DS3 and DS4 from last year. I tried all the stuff that they suggested and I lock up on every configuration. I did switch out the original g.skill kit that i had and nothing changed to the 2nd kit, so I am convinced it's not the memory. Several days ago I posted to one of their threads that a G.Skill tech was responding to, but i've yet to get a response on my question. I'm keeping an eye on it. I've tried a lot of voltage adjustments all within the bounds of what g.skill suggests (between 1.8 and 2.1 is the highest i've gone) and many adjustments in timings but always the lock up. The best memtest i've gotten so far was 7 min 32 seconds. That was with +1.9 vdimm and 2.0 on the memory multiplier with everything else in default settings. Anyway, i'm gonna keep trying till I stumble across something that works. Thanks again!
  8. Ok, I'll pick up a multi meter on monday. Is it easy enough on how to use it properly to determine if the corsair is good or not? Also when you say 5 out of 10 systems have this as there problem where you referring to the psu? or mobo? thanks branjo!
  9. also, i picked up the motherboard from ZZZ. I've only had it about 10 days, should I try to RMA it from them, or go straight to gigabyte?
  10. Thanks for the input Branjo! I don't have a multimeter, but would that be a good thing to pick up? I'm guessing they should have one that's not to expensive right? And maybe it would be a good idea to rule out that corsair psu.
  11. I thought I'd try and see if i could install a program with one stick in as 2 sticks lock up immediately after entering the windows desktop. I started installing world of warcraft on it and things were going along nicely untill disk number 4, than it locked up. I rebooted and attempted again, and it locked up on the first disk this time. What does that tell me? Could it be the motherboard if it could go that far? Can't be the cpu right, it has ceramique between the tuniq and the e6600. And the only other things hooked up are the evga card and the corsair 620 and the 2 raptors. I ran memtest several times without the raptors even hooked up so I know it can't be them. video car or psu? Thanks guys for helping me!
  12. Hey Branjo! I believe i have all power correct. Initially i had the 4 pin connector in addidtion to the large connector as the gigabyte board had a cap over 4 pins. But it kept locking up so I took off the cap and used the 8 pin connector instead but no change. The seagate is meant for storage eventually, but it is not currently hooked up to the system. Thanks for throwing some ideas Branjo, i really appreciate it
  13. Hey Guys, I've been trying to get this system to pass memtest for a week now with no success. At first I thought it was memory instability as the system locks up continuously. With 2 sticks in the system locks up almost immediately. Alot of the time it even locks up in the Bios screens and can't even get to memtest. After a few days I was finally able to get windows xp in with only one stick in, but it locks up pretty quick after reaching the desktop. After a week of tweaking the settings ( I changed the settings in memory one at a time always returning the last setting to its original setting trying to find anything that would progress through memtest further but with no luck. I have never been able to get past 6 minutes 18 seconds of memtest, surprisingly many lock ups occuring on that exact time. I tried memtest v3.3 and v1.7) I returned the memory and picked up another kit of the hz's. The locking has not changed so I guess it wasn't the memory. The system should have booted and been able to run the test in "optimal settings" right? Thanks for any help you can give!
  14. Thanks for the bios settings 1dr1ft, I tried them with both sticks in and immediate lock up. Took out one and it locked up at its normal 6 min 18 seconds of memtest. Just as it enters test #5. I'm glad to see your success with the hz's and the dq6, I tried for several hours tonight to adjust the settings slightly as dr_bowtie suggested to me, and the lock ups continued pretty much at the same time no matter what configuration i tried.
  15. MB Intelligent Tweaker (M.I.T Robust Graphics Booster............. - Auto CPU Clock Ratio..................... - 9x CPU Host Clock Control.............. - Disabled CPU Host Frequency (Mhz)............ - 266 PCI Express Frequency (Mhz)......... - Auto C.I.A.2............................. - Disabled System Memory Multiplier (SPD)...... - Auto Memory Frequency (Mhz).............. - 800 DRAM Timing Selectable (SPD)........ - Auto CAS Latency Time.................... -5 - Auto DRAM RAS# to CAS# Delay............. -5 - Auto DRAM RAS# Precharge................. - 5 - Auto Precharge Delay (tRAS).............. - 15 - Auto ACT to ACT Delay (tRRD)............. - 3 - Auto Bank Write to READ Delay............ - 3 - Auto Write to Precharch Delay............ - 6 - Auto Refresh to ACT Delay................ - 30 0 Read to Precharge Delay............. -3 - Auto Memory Performance Enhance.......... - Normal System Voltage Control.............. - Manual DDR2 OverVoltage Control............ - Normal PCI-E OverVoltage Control........... - Normal FSB OverVoltage Control............. - Normal (G)MCH OverVoltage Control.......... - Normal CPU Voltage Control................. - Normal Normal CPU Vcore.................... - 1.325v Hope there's something wrong in there =)
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