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  1. I just rebooted and noticed that both drives are identified as "master"... maybe one should be a slave? Can you do that with SATA drives? Sorry... this is my first time with SATA.
  2. They were brand new when installed, and I didn't partition anything when installing
  3. I just put together the parts in my sig tonight, and all went very smoothly, except that windows isn't recognizing my 2nd hard drive. I'm actually pretty confused, here at the details: At bootup, both drives are recognized as SATA devices. Drives are plugged into the SATA 1 and 2 slots. In windows, one drive (F: ) is recognized under "Hard Disk Drives", and two drives (C: and D: ) are recognized under "Devices with Removable Storage". I'm speculating that both drives are being recognized as devices with removable storage, as this is apparently common for SATA drives, but if this is the case, I'm confused as to why one of them at least doesn't have the same drive letter. That isn't a big deal, though, what I need to resolve is being able to access the 2nd drive. Any help much appreciated!
  4. semi de-rail, apologizes in advance... when I download the drivers from the nvidia site, immediately once I try to install windows tries to read a cdrom disk... any way to avoid this? I would just install the drivers off of the cd that came with my mb, except for some reason it's corrupt and won't run (have tried it on multiple machines)
  5. I ordered a BIOS chip from Tmod as well, and it shipped very fast. I haven't actually been home to install it yet, but I'll update this post once I do. In the mean time, though, I found the tut that Tmod posted on how to remove/install/hotswap the chips really thorough and useful. Here's to a great service and excellent seller!
  6. Reread that sentence - you *are* saying that it's the mobo. It's implied. Anyway, as ExRoadie said, you can't blame a mobo for not getting overclocks on GPUs that are working perfectly fine. In fact, it's pretty much flat out ethically wrong to even consider RMAing anything when whatever it is you want to RMA works at stock speeds. Stock speeds are all that are guaranteed. Overclocks are your own business, and your own risk. However, luckily for you, people here like to overclock! You have a much better chance at getting pertinent advice if you 1) admit that you think the reason why you can't get OCs on the SLi'd GPUs is a mobo issue, and 2) realize that RMAing isn't really an option for you when everything works at stock speeds.
  7. Angry, is there a similar page like that with settings and the like for high voltage (like BH5) ram?
  8. I just bought all of the parts in my sig. This'll be my first build and about the third time I've ever seen a BIOS screen. I've read the BIOS sticky, so I know there's no one perfect BIOS - I'm not asking for that - but does anyone have any suggestions? I would especially appreciate it if someone pointed me in a direction (if there is one) where I could read about how the different existing BIOSes are designed for / affect different hardware configurations. Many thanks!
  9. Okay, well, my tentative plan is: Lian-li pc-v1000b plus case (or the pc-v1200, dunno if I need the extra 4" or not) Seasonic S12-500W PSU DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D AMD 64 3700+ San Diego core w/Thermalright XP-90 heatsink & Panaflo 92mm fan Sapphire x800xl 256meg PCI-E NEC-ND 3520A CD/DVD/CDRW/DVDRW drive Hitachi 160gb 7k250 SATA II w/NCQ HDD and then the ram... which, I suppose, will be the OCZ VX gold edition, pc3200... but, um, well... I'm confident in being able to install everything listed, but I'm not too sure about an extra fan for the ram. Where would it go? I'm not going to try cutting apart my case on my first build... I'm not that confident. If that's what I'd have to do, then I spose I'll just go with some cheaper ram that runs on a lower voltage and not OC as much. Thanks for any help/comments, I really appreciate it.
  10. first, I really appreciate any help and answers to my questions. I'm trying to put together parts for my first computer build, and have been doing a lot of reading. I've read through most of the stickys around here, as well as a bunch of other memory guides, but I haven't been able to find answers to the following questions. Running on: DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D MB (with whatever bios is best, I haven't bought anything yet) A64 San Diego core, 3700+ 1mb cache Memory: OCZ VX gold edition (TCCD I believe, correct me if I'm wrong)... first question, pc3200 or pc4000? Am I wrong in thinking that the 4000 will have better stability for CPU OC's when the ram is clocked at the same speed as the 3200? edit- just looked at prices, definitely going with the 3200, hah. second question: any problems with getting 4 sticks of it? I know the winnie and newcastle cores had memory controller issues (droped speedy down to DDR333), but this has apparently been fixed in the San Diego. Will there be any OCing issues with having 4 sticks instead of just 2? third, and final!, question: since I'll be shoving a lot of voltage into these (OCZ claims they can handle up to 3.5) I assume I should have some kind of extra cooling for them? They'll be in a lian-li pc-v1200 case (which apparently has excellent air flow) and I'll probably have a Zalman CNPS7000b-al/cu HSF right next to them on top of the CPU (don't know if that'll help 'em at all, especially since I'm considering 4...) but I'm also considering an XP-90 w/56cfm panaflo, so that shouldn't be taken into consideration. Bottom line, I suppose, is will they need extra cooling (for either 2 sticks or 4) at 3.2+ volts, and if so, what is a good solution? Again, thanks a ton for any help. I'm really looking forward to putting my first PC together; don't know how I'd do it without forums like this.
  11. Will the Zalman CNPS 7000b-cu HSF work with this MB *while* the 4th dimm slot is occupied? Looking at the MB design, it looks like that ram slot, when filled, might obstruct the larger HSFs - and this one is pretty big. I really would like to use it, though, so any response confirming/denying my fears would be much appreciated, thanks
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