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  1. I was wondering if there were any complications in having file sharing enabled for p2p software on an external harddrive vs a standard internal harddrive. I have a western digital 320gb external harddrive on a usb connection, but basically what I thought was it'd be more secure if I enable file sharing to the world to my external harddrive rather then my internal harddrive. Feel free to put in your input :P

  2. Alright, looks like the option I have right now is to see how to go about in formatting this.....To answer some users question above, I can see this in the device manager..When I try to update driver and check both removable and local diskdrives for any driver updates...It finds nothing. Now since WD never provided a cd with any of the drivers, I'm assuming the drivers for this external drive are located within the harddrive itself....Which for some reason it's not looking up. So I checked the disk management, admin tools....The only drive I saw was my C Drive and my external harddrive wasn't in for one of them...Even tho it shows up in my device manager, it doesn't show up in the disk management..


    Also another thing, I tried both firewire/usb and on different ports....and I also found out this is formatted for fat32, so I need to figure out a way to format it to ntfs

  3. I bought this the other day at my work place in Best Buy which comes with a dual interface as well both usb and firewire. I tried using a usb and plugging it to my system, I get the indication in the right corner of my screen saying that its detected the wd harddrive, but pretty much stays in there...and gives me no indication of hardware installation or any kind of software installation for me to actually access the external harddrive. The harddrive did not come with any cd's, I read the manual already and it said that once you plug it in, windows xp should automatically recognize and bring up a window to install the drivers for it.


    Any assistance on this would be greatful, thanks.

  4. I hooked my computer up the other day after moving into my new house, and did all the security updates, and antivirus updates to it...restarted and right before I left for work I left it defragmenting my C: harddrive. 9-10 hours later when I come back from work see my computer on but not my normal screen...I see a message saying "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: /system32.hal.dll"


    Now I have no idea how this happened....I did a little research on this and its telling me that my boot.ini might be corrupt and to reload it from the windows xp cd using some kind of bootcfg /rebuild command from the cd itself....so heres the other problem....i cant seem to find my original windows xp cd anywhere....but the good side to this was that i had two other windows xp cd from my other two computers..one from my hp laptop and one from my gateway computer. so i put the hp laptop windows xp home edition sp2 cd in and did what it told me to do....right after i hit i want to go into the recovery console it takes me to the dos screen "Press the number that corresponds to the correct location for the installation of Windows you want to repair, typically this will be #1." ...So here's the thing...the drive that it says windows is installed is under D:Windows when it should be C:Windows..and that was the only one that was listed...so i picked that and did the other two commands to rebuild the bootcfg but it wouldnt work...this is the site i went off of btw http://pcsupport.about.com/od/pcrepair/a/missinghal_dll.htm


    now the thing is...what im thinking is my computer is not detecting the c:drive...only detecting my 2nd drive?...im not even sure whats going on because my original windows installation is my c:drive and my other drive..which im not even sure if its a label name is d: or some other drive came from my old computer when i just installed in my new one...so what im thinking is that its trying to read off the windows installation on my 2nd drive...and not my first drive for some reason? could this be why its giving me this error message?


    anyway im a bit stumped, and pretty stressed out .....any help would do, i really dont want to go as far as formatting my comp so I would like to get some expert advice on this....thanks much

  5. Alright I'm at the point where I'm about to chop someone's head off...This is driving me nuts. It all started earlier today when I had some free time and no work to worry about to clean up the insides of my comp. I unplugged everything, opened the case up, and got a dry unused paint brush to clean off everything in the comp...got rid of every dustball i could see and cleaned off all the fans. Then I remembered that about a month ago I unplugged the power connecter of my back fan, which is the biggest, because it started to make a very annoying noise all of the sudden. So I decided to take that fan off the case clean everything, and then plug it back in to see if it would still make that noise, and that noise was still there....I tried finding out what it was that was making that sound where it was budging, etc....so I decided to even out the insides...Turned on the computer again with the fan power conected and it made the same noise....


    I decided to cut that whole idea and just simply leave it unplugged..and consider on buying a new one to replace it. After all that, I hooked all my computer back again...Turned the power on and right when it got to the bios part it kept on giving me error loading operating system right after it did the dmi pool verified and the backup cmos ok.


    It kept on giving me the same error message and I had no idea what happened....So I went back to bios and used the load optimized options for the bios settings..restarted computer and greatfully it went past the 2nd part and up to the windows loading..


    Then here came the next problem.which I am stuck at...For some reason right when it gets to the part where it shows the Windows XP Loading, it will stay there for a very long time and then I'll end up getting a blue screen.


    I've tried everything I could think of but I really dont understand what would be causing this problem...I checked all the wires, everything was connected...


    Here is the error message I get in the blue screen:


    "A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. "


    Then it goes on with more steps to prevent this problem...and the main part which will probably help you guys figure something out:


    "Technical Information:


    *** STOP: 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XF76B0750, 0XF7A2B430, 0XF7A2B12C)



    Again thanks for anyone taking their time to read all this, but I have a lot of important stuff on this computer and I really do not want to end up having to format this computer. Any help would be appreciated. :confused:

  6. My hardlocking issue is a bit different though and has started since 3-4 patches ago. First off let me start off with my specs:




    AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2GHz San Diego Core w/ heatsink/fan

    Western Digital Caviar SE WD1200JD 120GB Serial ATA

    OCZ OCZ520ADJ ATX 520W

    OCZ Gold Series 1GB

    Asus Extreme AX800XL/2DTV Radeon X800XL PCI Express

    Windows XP Professional /w SP2

    X-Blade Deluxe PC Gaming Pre-Mod ATX Medium Tower Case 3 Fans



    As you can see, my system faced the minimum requirements of this game and I've never had this problem until I'd say 3-4 patches ago. My main part about this game is PvPing and right now I've had it up to here....before it used to freeze up maybe when I'm flying to places just randomly, sometimes it doesn't happen sometimes it does...but it never froze during BG's. So I was able to ignore it and didnt make a huge deal out of it....Now ever since the new patch my computer has been hardlocking during my BG's and it is seriously getting annoying.


    I have done pretty much everything there is to do, disabled sound completely and used the -nosound option, updated everything in windows, video drivers, sound drivers, etc...including the bios. I've done a memory test and let it run, no errors found.


    I have updated antivirus, and updated spyware programs to keep my computer safe, do it about every week. I defragment my harddrive on a daily basis as well...nothing I do can help me figure out what the hell is causing this problem.


    What will happen is when it does freeze the video completely freezes, and I am able to move my mouse but I won't be able to alt-tab, or ctrl-alt-del..none of that usually forcing me to shutdown the computer using the power button.


    My dxdiag can be located here



    Thread I posted in wow forums with other users experiencing smiliar issue:


  7. Well, I'm currently folding for team maximum pc. Angry_Games, if anything I think you should create a poll with SETI and Folding @ Home . See which one gets more vote and start up a team based on the results, or you can just create two teams for both of them with the DFI name and let users choose which one they want to participate in. I myself have been folding for seti for more then 4+ years now with the last 3 computers I've had..but recently I figured you know searching for aliens or donating all the unused maximum power your pc has to medical research to help find ways to cure diseases that each and every people in the world has been affected by weather its someone in their family or not...I think the possibilities are endless and more of a chance thats why I moved to folding @ home. So I would be all up for it, and I know we have a huge community here in DFI with all the overclocked PC's I am sure we can get somewhere in the top 50 in no time.

  8. I'm trying to install the VGA Driver CD that came with my video card, but whenever I put it in the cd drive, my computer just shuts itself down and reboots. Anyone know why this might be? My specs are listed in my sig.


    Here is information on the CD:


    Asus VGA Driver 2D/3D Graphic & Video Accelerator v432

    Windows 2k/XP:R8.08

    -Microsoft DirectX 9.0c

    -WDM Capture Driver 4.07

    -Asus Smartdoctor 4.60

    -Asus Video Security Online

    -Asus Gameface Live 2.50

  9. cpuz:



    ok, i hope i did this right:


    New team DIY-Street with number 45454 has been founded by cpuz




    Any client program can contribute to the statistics for this team by putting the number 45454 in the team field


    (questions on how to set this up can be found on the Folding page, or just by asking us in this thread)





    Team: DIY-Street - Team #45454 - Use the idle time of your computer to make a difference. Join now! Statistics/download


    click on the download link on left panel



    Edit 3/25/07 by THunDA

    Thanks to tasr for changing our [email protected] team name to DIY-Street...

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