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  1. Just want to make sure this driver is the correct one for the integrated NIC: http://www.marvell.com/drivers/driverDispl...o?dId=159&pId=1
  2. NM I just uninstalled the ethernet drivers manually and everything is fine.
  3. You mean for the ethernet drivers? The drivers are an exe btw. It does say to remove the old networking drivers, I'm a bit worried about just installing over them.
  4. I want to update to the new 6.86 drivers from my old nforce drivers, which happen to be over a year old. I can't seem to find the drivers in add/remove though, the instructions just say to uninstall the networking drivers. Coulf I just go in device manager and uninstall both adapters under network adapters? I use to have an nvidia video card, and to uninstall those drivers from device manager there'd be something under add/remove that when I chose to clicked on it a box would show up asking i want to uninstall all drivers/system drivers/ or display drivers. Now that I have an ATI card, I wonder if uninstalling the display driver caused 'nvidia drivers' (or whatever the hell it said) to not show up anymore.
  5. Crap I just read your last line before ordering that fan. Is it the exact same as the evercool that everyone is saying works without mods? So that should work no matter what right?
  6. Will these fans fit under a Radeon X1900xtx? Also whats the highest I can let the chipset temp get to while remaining pretty safe? The sound is unbearable right now, and the only way to make it somewhat tolerable is too set the speed under 1800 rpm. Also wondering what exact iceberg model that is.
  7. Did you have to replace the fan, or would of it worked with the default as well?
  8. Bump, in case my question doesnt make sense, by issues I mean will it fit or is the mobo fan too high and will prevent the card from being seated properly?
  9. Just wondering if this card will have any issues with the little motherboard fan ?(northbridge fan? I havent posted here in awhile so I forgot what its called ) Also does anyone know if this card is much longer/bigger then a 6800gt? Just want to make sure itll fit in my case, if I get it. Thanks for the responses (Didn't want to bump the thread)
  10. I guess it was a power outage. Weird how the cable lights were green though, i may i have look at it a bit too late. The second time it happened i looked and the cable lights were red, and downstairs the tv shut off. So definately power outage. Thanks.
  11. I have it so it doesnt auto restart when I get a bsod. I thought the 3-10 did support my cpu. This is the first time my computer ever did that btw.
  12. Have no idea how this happened, but while playing UT2k4 my computer just suddenly turned off. Turned it back on with no problems. I doubt it had anything to do with the power in the house, because my cable modem lights seemed normal right after. Any ideas? This cant have anything to do with drivers can it? Most recent change I made was updating my nvidia forceware drivers to 77.76.
  13. Ive been looking at it for the last 10 minutes and cant stop laughing. That is hilarious.
  14. Not sure how long this has been happening for since Ive never tried to check it for months, but now when I try to open ITE Smart Guardian, either network connections opens, or nothing happens at all. What could cause this? Disabling some type of a service, antivirus?
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