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  1. My 3000+ venice runs stable full time at 292 with my ram running at somewhere around 236 2-2-2-5. My superPI 32m was like 27m 26s, and 1m was right around 30s. I havent touched it since i got it stable at 292 and its been running pretty much non-stop for about a month. no errors. try to get your cpu voltage around 1.48v thats around what mine is. oh and for sure flash to the 510-2 beta bios if you havent already.
  2. I've heard that the TCCD chips are hard to find now. Anyone know which ones I can get at this time that will clock in over 300 1:1 ?
  3. lol I started this thread and I gave up after about 2 hours. sp1 all the way.
  4. Ok I hope this is anot a dumb question. My 6800gt is oc to 400/1000 , using coolbits. I opened up everest and it shows my gpu speed as 350 and my mem speed as 501. Am I missing a multiplier somewhere? I'm only getting about 50 fps on doom3 demo1 with 1024x768 High Quality No AA/AF. I have seen reviews with this card doing more like 90 fps at those settings. Thought it was the psu so ordered a new antec tpII 550w. Same thing. Maybe this is it i dunno...
  5. forgot to mention the card is oc to 400/1000 right now - so everest shows it the memory speed right at half, also the gpu shot on everest shows 350 where cooolbits shows 400
  6. I'm not sure if this is a dumb question but why does everst report my gpu memory speed as 501mhz? Is there a multiplier I'm missing? screenshot is attached. I have been getting about 50 fps in doom3 on high quality 1024x768 no AA, and I think people with the same card are getting more like 90 at that setting. coolbits reports it as 900 stock. thanks
  7. Ok I have searched the forums and read some posts and I'm still not sure what the definitive answer to my question is. I plugged my 6800gt into the second pci-e slot to help keep my cpu cooler since my card is a boiling piece of dog doo when I'm gaming. Now then, am I losing speed by putting it into this slot? To I have to move the jumpers to the sli config? I read that this slot was actually a x2 instead of a x16?? or was that only for the ultra-D? I'm totally confused, should I be moving jumpers or is my card perfectly fine i the second slot of my SLI-DR mobo.
  8. that is odd you can't get above 200 on that ram. I currently have my Bh5 Geil at 3.6v 253mhz 2-2-2-7. I would try having no divider and bumping the ram voltage to 3.6 then seeing if i could overclock it at all above 200. I'm not sure whether or not they can tell, but you could always set it to 3.6v and if something happens say you had your motherboard set at 3.5 ( a small fib never hurt anyone....)
  9. First flash to the 510-2 bios and before you restart the computer make sure you reset the cmos jumper. Then starting from scratch keep the FSB at 200 and put the DRAM voltage jumper on and bump your ram voltage to 3.4V. Then start overclocking with the ram at that voltage. That should solve your issues. If 3.4V gives errors put it at 3.6. Let me know how it goes
  10. Well the question of security holes and exra 100mhz stabl overclock has no bearing in my case cause windows wont even boot at 200 FSB with sp2 installed.
  11. at 300x9 (2700 Mhz) and 245 ram speed (2-2-2-7) my 2m superPI is 72s. At 255 with no divider (2-2-2-7) superPI takes 79s. So there is your answer.
  12. Heres some screenshots guys of how far I've gotten with this overclock.
  13. So I just finished torture testing my rig (280 FSB 9/10 divider 251 Ram at 2-2-2-6) on prime95 for about 12 hours. No errors given. I go to run superPI and I get an error right off the bat when I go to calculate 8m digits. Any ideas on why this is? I restarted the cmputer and tried superPI again and it finished the test this time. Is this instability? or a problem within superPI?
  14. Its hard to say though whether sp2 is "putting the brakes" on our overclocks. But remember that I couldn't boot to windows with sp2 installed even when I reset my bios (loaded optimized defaults which gives stock everything). That is just strange!! But it will boot to safe mode with sp2 installed. So I'm assuming the problem lies somewhere in the normal windows boot with sp2 installed that is making it not recognize hardware or have some conlflict problem. But your guess is as good as mine.
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