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  1. ::::searches around for the "Dunce Cap":::: :drool:
  2. Once I get the AMD X2 processor, what bios should I place (heard decent things about the 5-10's), and where about can I locate that paticular BIOS to make sure it will add support to the mobo for that processor? Thanks ...
  3. Planning on purchasing the Ultra-DR SLI here in about a week or so. Planning on doing the SLI route as well when the next gen of video cards come out (until then, I'll stick with 1 BFG 6800 OC GT). Have picked out the 1 GB DDR (2 pcs 512) PC-4000 (500) OCZ Dual Channel GoldVX, as my memory to go with the 4800 X2 (When it's released). That leads me to PSU. I have read very good things about the OCZ PowerStream 600W so far. Granted, a bit pricey, but I would rather pay the money vs. getting a lower end PSU. This a good call? Any other PSU's I should take a good look at? Please bear in mind that I'm leaning towards the dual core environment with transitions to SLI with the gen. of Ati / Nvidia cards. Any input would be great. Thanks again..
  4. Going to take the transition over to the above stated DFI board. A few questions for ya.. 1) I've heard that the newer mobo's and RAM are getting pretty picky regarding PSU, esp with overclocking. Would you guys consider the Enermax EG651P-VE, http://www.enermax.com/products_page.php?T...&Gid=26&Gid2=38 a good choice to make? 2) I'm planning on ordering the new AMD X2 processors from Monarch (the 4400+ or the 4800+), what do I do if I get a mobo that has an earlier BIOS version that dont support the X2? I dont have a spare 939 pin (currently running an IC7-G with 3.0 HT). I'm pretty sure I cant bios flash with no CPU installed. Any way around that, or is ordering one from a large shipper a good bet on getting a newer BIOS that supports the X2? Thanks for your input..
  5. Welp, It's time for me to make another transition back to AMD (AMD X2 when it is released). I currently have a 3.0 on the Abit IC7-G mobo, 1 gig of Corsair 3200 LL, and 6800GT OC AGP for a current setup I'm planning on going the SLI route with 6800GT's until the next release of Video cards is released from NVidia. Very interested in the DFI Lanparty NF4 SLI-DR. What memory is best for this board (Have heard that its rather picky). Currently looking at the OCZ VX for memory. This a compatable setup? Recommend for moderate - hardcore OC on air? Also, are there any motherboards by DFI that support SLI, and the SATAII? Any input on this would be great to hear from seasoned vet's of DFI (Hard changing mobo manufact. after 4 years and 3 computers that have been running Abit). Thanks..
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