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  1. I just saw this on Jab-Tech. Apparently its small enough as to not get in the way for VGA cards yet can pack better cooling. Has anyone tried replacing the stock fan cooler for their DFI board and received postive results? My temps are hovering about 47-48C at room temp so I'm considering pushing for even better cooling. At the advertised price, it doesn't seem that bad. http://www.jab-tech.com/customer/product.p...91&cat=0&page=1
  2. So say like its hovering at 1500 or so RPM when the CPU is idling at about 38C. You can set it to spin faster at those temps?
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but lets say the CPU fan I have installed comes with TACH monitoring so that the board can see how fast the fan is spinning, what controls the actual RPM? Is it software you install, like say SpeedFan, or is that motherboard controlled and it dials up the rpm when the cpu get s warmer? Is there a way to adjust how fast it goes for certain temps?
  4. Great, thanks much. Now if only there were a way to minimize the Rivatuner to the system tray or something, heh. I have to keep both of those windows up?
  5. If you mean pluginsd folder in Samurai then yes I do see a copy of it. However, I am still getting that error message on my screen. What's odd is if I try to edit the settings it shows up as Not Yet Executed. Does Rivatuner need to run i9n the background or something? I installed the software (RivaTuner v2.0 RC 15.6 to be exact) and I see an executable for it and Server. Forgive my ignorance but are they the ones thats supposed to provide the GPU info? EDIT: COrrection, the message ERROR(1): Rivatuner either not running, or background monitoring needs to be enabled shows up on both when you edit and on the application itself. I don't know what ssupposed to be running. I opened Rivatuner and hit okay and it disappeared, assuming its just there to make changes to your display then goes away?
  6. Here it is. I haven't figured out the error message yet with the RIvatuner. I have the program installed and I added the MBM5rivatuner.dll to th eplugin folder in MBM. I noticed on Flyboy's screenshot that he also has this error message. Any work around?
  7. Thanks so much for your speedy replies. One more Q. Which sensor shoudl I pick to monitor my second HDD temps? Should I pick the next available sensor thats available or are the sensors assigned to specific readings? Like in my case Sensor 5 is the next one available but it used yo be labeled GPU.
  8. Hi all. I downloaded this software and installed the plugin for the GPU temperatures. However, the readings show up out of place. How do I move the GPU core and ambient temperatures into the empty space that was occupied by Sensor 5 and 6? Please see attached.
  9. Thanks. I downloaded it and installed the plugin for the GPU temperatures. However, the readings show up out of place. How do I move the GPU core and ambient temperatures into the empty space that was occupied by Sensor 5 and 6? Please see attached. Also, does this program control CPU fan speeds like SpeedFan?
  10. You can go into Computer Management, click on the partitioned HDD, and right-click and create new partition on the unallocated space so that can store data.
  11. Hi all, Another Q... I enabled SpeedFan soemtime ago and could not for the life of me figure out what some of the readings are. The first 3 readings and the HDDs were easy since you can find them at the BIOS too, but what do you suppose the rest of these are? Here are the temps at the moment with (??) next to those I'm not sure about: CPU: 31C PWM: 44C Chipset: 48C Local Temp (??): 38C <--- case temperature? Remote Temp (??): 28C <--- HDD0: 35C Temp1 (??): 40C <--- video card? HDD1: 28C Nothing's configured on SpeedFan except for changing the names of the first 3 readings and it's all air cooling in my case.
  12. Hi all, My board's been running flawlessly for the past 2 months but with one little issue. I'm looking at my Device Manager and I see one of the network adapters thats not working properly. The ones configured and installed are 1394 net Adapter and nVidia nForce Networking controller. I tried re-installing the driver for the one with the warning symbol and it mentioned its a Marvell Yukon and that it couldn't install because the INF was different? Is this something I should look into? Is there a performance difference? Or should it be disabled since my LAN connection is working fine anyway? Thanks for any advice.
  13. AG recommended some good brands. Panaflo's are a fan favorite but if you want speed readings make sure you look for the BX version (ie, Panaflo 92mm M1a = no reading, Panaflo 92mm M1a-BX = reading). The stock Tsunami case fans push 40cfm, which are weak IMHO. I upgraded the intake to a Panaflo 120mm M1a which has more than double the airflow and a Thermaltake 120mm Smart LED for exhaust (which has 38cfm and its lowest setting, and over 90 on its highest). I like the latter fan because it includes a fan controller and I wanted to keep the blue LED theme. I could have gone with fans that can push more air (and consequently get a little louder)... I also re-arranged some cabling so that there's as much air space surrounding the board as possible.
  14. What are your ambient temperatures like around the case? I have the same case same stock fans) and similar hardware, and my temperatures are similar to yours... with the exception of CPU. Do you have the stock heatsink that came with the cpu? have you OC'ed it? Anyway, as comparison, here are my temperatures: CPU: 31C Mosfets: 48C Chipset: 52C Room Temperature: 28C If you don't want to spend alot of money, I would recommend just upgrading the 2 120mm fans TT have included. They are both "crippled" versions that doesn't suck in or exhaust alot of air. Also , consider purchasing an XP-90, or XP-120 + a decent 92mm fan (example, panaflo M1a 92mm) to mount on your CPU.
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