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  1. I was able to get 4 sticks of corsair running at 2t. Since I have a San Diego, it required a beta bios to activate 2t - it is hidden in the release bios on the san diego.
  2. The Audigy ruined my day. Or I should say Creative's drivers. Some strange incompatibility with nv7645 vid drivers. Audigy drivers must have been stomping an inportant nv dll. finally ripped it out and put it back in the closet where it belongs. Dropped in a Santa Cruz and all is well. Their drivers are over 2 years old, and it's not because they don't update as needed - just hasnt been needed. The Santa Cruz is sharing with one of the 6800s, but everything is working. jeff
  3. Ok - popped it in. Had to remove the PCI exhaust though. THe Audigy and one of the 6800GT's are now sharing an IRQ. I noticed that suring loading of one of my games (LockOn Modern Air Combat), the audio stuttered. Not a HL2 like stutter, more like regular but .25 second audio cutouts every second. I guess having the A2 and the 6800 share an IRQ is bad news?
  4. Thanks again for all the advice!!! I am now running stable at 11x250=2750 at 1.5v. Still having cooling issues. At this clocking/voltage, I peak at 61-63c in prime95 torture test. I am measuring this temp with SpeedFan. So, went to Microcenter yesterday and picked up a TT BigTyphoon. I've built about 20 machines so no slouch here, but could not get the damn thing installed, and installation with the A64 looks to be the easieast. The problem was that the screws would not reach the backplate - not even close. The TT kit came with longer screws, but these were for other installs, and were way to narrow anyway to thread into the DFI backplate. The install did specify use of the DFI backplate. My best guess is that they did not provide the correct length screws. Second best guess is I missed something stupid, but I dont think so... So after 4 hours of sitting on the floor, knee breaking pain, I'm back to my 7000cu. When I put the 7000 back on, I used AS5 as directed after throughly cleaning cpu and 7000 with xylene based carb cleaner (works like a dream btw). In the process, I added another 120mm fan to the front of the Sonata. I also removed chipset cooler, cleaned their compound, and added AS5. Everyone seems to think I should not be hitting 63c in p95 torture with these settings and cooler. What else could I be doing wrong? My ambient gets as high as 75 but never higher. My Sonata has built in 120mm exhaust, psu exhaust, PCI slot exhaust, and 120mm front "intake" - but this must be mounted behind the drives vs at front of case. Any thoughts? thanks, jeff
  5. I have an Audigy 2 sitting in the closet because I could never get it right with my old system (crackling). Now I'm wondering if it is worth the trouble on two points: 1. Will it releive the cpu in games more than the on board chipset? 2. Will it provide better in game audio? Not sure what EAX if any is supported on board and/or how good a job it does... Thanks! jeff
  6. I was going over 60 at 1.55 volts at 235x12. Using AS and cu7000. I have Sonata case, and do not get the best airflow, plus my computer room gets pretty warm. After hearing John's results, I think I'm going to spring for an XP120/panaflo. ALthough it will never look as nice!
  7. Wow - thanks for all the comments. I'll stick to the default multiplier. johnrr - we have very similar systems. I was afraid to push the voltage of the 4000+ up as high as you have, especially given the heat I was seeing. What CPU temp do you get under heavy load such as prime95? I suspect the XP120/panaflo is a better cooling solution that my cu7000?
  8. I've recently setup an NF4 SLI-DR based system with a San DIego 4000+ and OCZ Gold 4000 (more details in sig). Currently running at 225*12=2700 I'm happy overall wih the system, but would like to OC some more. I beleive the limitations are coming from temp on the spu (uing Zalman Cu7000), and on the MB chipset. However my main question - should I push the push speed up into the low 300s and adjust multiplier down? If I end up at the same overall cpu speed, and have to raise RAM timimgs in order to run at 300+, where will potential performance improvements come from? Thanks! jeff
  9. I'm a newbie here, so please forgive me if posts such as these aren't welcome! Short Story: OCZ 512M PC-4000 for $97 at Monarch. I just recently upgraded to a nf4 SLI-DR, and was having trouble getting all four of my corsair PC3500 sticks working with a San Diego 4000+(ultimately did get them working with the new beta 5/10-2 bios) Anyway, I got a mailing from Monarch Computer this morning. They are running a special on OCZ (OCZ5001024ELDCGEVX). This is the OCZ Gold Series PC-4000 with Voltage eXtreme technology and Enhanced Latency technology. They are rated to and warrantied up to 3.5V. Monarch has them through this Sunday for only $97 for a 512M stick. OCZ ahas a sku for a pair, but it actually costs more than buying two singles. http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...9&AFFIL=TH&NR=1 (Newegg is $18 more expensive per stick at $115.59) I live in Atlanta and picked it up. It's running great in my machine! jeff
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