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    Battlefield 2: Euro Force

    I thought the SF expansion was worth the $30 paid. It was a rather large upgrade with tons of new goodies and 8 new maps. Not sure how the mini mods will pan out, but I will try the new Euro addition to find out.
  2. MaKo

    939 v.s. AM2

    2nd quarter 06 should start seeing M2.
  3. Get used to it. People are not truly happy unless they are ripping on something or somebody.
  4. Looked interesting so I gave it a try for fun today. A 120mm fan was worse for temps than my M1A Panaflow 92mm on a XP90c. (By about 2 degrees C) Gonna give an 80mm a try tomorrow. I expect it may improve marginally, if at all, in comparison to the 92mm.
  5. MaKo

    BF2 Sux

    Take a look at the TweakGuide on BF2 for some other tips for getting the most performance out of your system in the game. http://www.tweakguides.com/BF2_1.html
  6. MaKo

    OCZ phase-change for the masses

    I wonder how long it will take to bring to market? The targeted price point sounds just right for me. Guess I won't be pulling the trigger on that new water system.
  7. MaKo

    Opteron Vs X2

    If your main use is gaming, why even go with a dual core?
  8. MaKo

    Water Cooling

    I am torn between the apex and the ultra right now on my end. When it comes time to pull the trigger I will probably go with the storm as I saw in one review there were some manf issues with the first batch of apogees. Some loose material found in the block as I recall. These kits from Swiftech are preety sweet for the money and what you get.
  9. My CABYE 0543FPMW came from ZipZoom. Purchased 12/11
  10. MaKo

    Intel's new logo

    And it helps a whole lot when you can strong arm your customers into buying nothing but your product. :eek:
  11. MaKo

    All About Newegg

    Amen to the FedEx hikes. The Egg used to be my one stop shop, but I have found I can beat their prices more times than not when you bring shipping costs into the picture. I still like the Egg, but I have a feeling that their growth may fuel some of their demise down the road. IPO? I will stay clear. Will be very overpriced and the only ones to make money on the stock for a long time will be the ones who have tons of options from their investments when it was privately owned.
  12. MaKo

    All About Newegg

    And to think this is the Phoenix of Eggheads Amazing!