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  1. Also, I have to order from ZipZoomFly becuase newegg chagers taxes to NJ...
  2. Th thing is, I dont have another $50...And I wont be overclocking the RAM, just set a divider and thats it...
  3. I found this very inexpensive 2GB kit from Patriot. I was wondering if it would run on the DFI boards. I dont care if it overclocks or not because DFI loves dividers...
  4. I dont. I have all that. All I need is Case & PSU Motherboard CPU VGA RAM
  5. I have $370 for a budget rig for my cousin. I need the best possible gaming configuration. I know it isnt much, but I already have a hard drive...So I need the rest of the components for $370...
  6. PSS

    XP90 or Si97

    Ok, I didnt see that was in stock. It was out of stock yesterday...awesome...Thanks.
  7. PSS

    XP90 or Si97

    That wasnt my question....I want to know the differences between the XP90 and Si97.
  8. The XP90 seems to be fasing out quickly...I'm looking for a heatsink... The Si97 is $7 more, so is it better? There seems to be no fins coming straight from the base...just from the heatpipes.... So is there a difference between them? Also, is mounting any different?
  9. Ok thanks a bunch Ryder! I'll be purchasing this kit in a few minutes...
  10. How about the other RAM settings such as TREF and other...I'm not familiar with RAM other than Hynix or TCCD...
  11. Thanks a lot Ryder. When I overclock (I'm getting a 3000+ from a friend), Will this RAM hold up fine on dividers? I'm aiming for at least 2.4GHz (266x9 3:4 divider RAM at 200MHz)...
  12. Although I know that Value RAM does not work with the DFI boards, I need a 2GG kit and I have a very low budget, so this looks like the best kit. It very cheap and overclocks pretty well too (usually DDR470-490+)...But that isnt too important. The main question is will it work well?
  13. Yeah, I saw that. Unfortunately, its 50% over my budget, smd the TT Big Typhhon is a better proce for performance. It's also almost as good as that 9500....
  14. With the $28 XP90 linked, + a Panaflo fan + Shipping = $45. I was also thinking the TT Big Typhoon. I can get one for $48 shipped. According to many reviews it is the best air cooler. I also know it is better than a XP90. What do you guys make of that?
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