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  1. i put my 6800GT back to stock speeds but i still got the same error after about 15 minutes. i retrieved the even error after it rebooted, here it is: http://www.geocities.com/[email protected]
  2. sorry about that, try this one : http://www.geocities.com/[email protected]/DSCF0027.JPG
  3. I do have the latest nForce4 drivers, and i will try down clocking my video card to stock speeds...but i forgot to mention another problem i was having. when i try to install the usb 2 drivers....right after the message box in the tray displays ' found usb 2 hub ' the pc automatically reboots....gets to desktop, boots again, desktop, boots again, it kept happening untill i halted it to the bios, where i then took this picture: http://www.geocities.com/69stingray...et/DSCF0027.JPG the cpu fan speed as u notice says 0. but my m1a is plugged in correctly to the cpu fan header, i dunno whats up with that, and it is indeed spinning. also, is the atx +12v voltage supposed to go below 12? i tested hl2 and it crashed just under 16 minutes into the game, took a lot longer that time then my last few tries, where it was only like a few minutes...how would i go about changing the driver that runs the game? thx
  4. i have the official 3/10 bios on the website, nothing is overclocked i did do memtest, i only let it do like 3 passes... how long should i let it run for?
  5. i have run out of patience with my new build as of yesterday. I dont know what the problem is, but i suspect it is lack of power juice. Here is the problem: Almost always, during Half life 2, id say anywhere from 5-10 minutes, my computer reboots, with a blank screen, or reboots to desktop, then reboots again, its pretty random, but usually it crashes first. I used to think it was overheating, but it cant be, because i get the same problems from another area. this was the first area The other area is, when i put in a data dvd that i had made, to copy files such as mp3's from, when i go to explore it, or just view disc contents, browse around for a sec, the computer then reboots on its own, sometimes it will freeze during reboot, sometimes not. If it does make it to the desktop, it reboots right when it gets to the desktop, most i seen it do that was 2 times after hittting desktop. I tested each cd/dvd data disc on another computer and i get no problems. I am having really no trouble installing games, or applications though, so i dont think its the dvd drive. I also tried installing drivers via exe usb2 from both a cd, and on the drive itself, and the computer kept rebooting, acting the same way it did when i tried to view a discs contents. Is this a power thing or what? what is causing these reboots? thx p.s my power supply is a OCZ Modstream 520
  6. i have heard about nTune a lot, was even hesitant about installing it the first time around. but , just tell me, what makes this nTune so bad? i do know now for sure it gives false tempertures, it gave me a higher tempertue on a lower oc on my 6800gt.
  7. i get the following error message after running hl2 for little while, ( <10 min ) ( error comes after auto reboot ) i have no clue whats causing it, as it never used to happen to me before. im not sure how hot a video card has to be before it makes ur computer reboot, and i dont even know if the video card is the problem. this other pic is from nTune, and i dont know what the red box for core is like that for, looks like undervoltage or something tome, does anybody know what it means? and that redline going across the mhz graph in the middle, is that danger zone? if nobody knows the cause of this, can u please guide me to somebody who can? thx bunches
  8. can anybody direct me to maybe a pdf or somwhere that has an explanation of each thing in my bios, the manual doesnt explain anything about the bios. my bios is the official 3/10
  9. well i managed to get things working. thx square, i did switch to the other set of ports and am now using SATA1 jp2 . now it sees it, i fixed the floppy cable, i had the pin1 on the opposite side ( dum i know ) is there a way i can install those raid/sata drivers even after i have already installed windows? because i missed it the first time around. also, how do u xp to recognize the hdd's over 130GB, i have a maxtor diamondmax 10 300GB, and it still said 130. i heard that sp1 will automatically sense it, but i only have a standard xp pro disc with no sp1 or sp2. is this correct? thx for all the help guys, very helpful
  10. thank u very much for the replies guys yeah i am going to try to fix that floppy problem shortly. but what does that "PXE-E61 : Media Test Failure, check cable" mean? obviously something with the cable, u know what i think it is, i rememer i tried taking out the data cable on my sata dvd plextor drive, and it wasetn comign out, and i started tryin to pry it off, but i still couldnt get it off, it now looks like its stretched, and its coming apart, so im thinking maybe thats it, im gonna try messing around with it. btw, i havent even seen the bios screen yet, i see the DFI lan party screen, then flashes a few other screens too fast for me to see, and then it goes to the black screen, scanning all my components. but what is that Media test failure ? thx again
  11. :confused: well i finally assembled my new pc, and unfortunately i am having many problems. first of all, when i boot up, i do see all frontx lights come on, first the top one, then all the way down, from what i read in the manual, it is detecting everything. I also get a single beep, i have a link here that shows what screen i am stuck at after booting each time. http://www.geocities.com/[email protected]/DSCF0020.JPG my floppy light stays on too, i think that means the cable is on wrong? plz help guys, thx bunches
  12. I extracted the 2 files that came from betas 5/10 1-3, and just put them on the floppy, did not format the floppy first. Is this correct? Also, the offical 3/10 on DFI website, came with an exe that auto formats then writes the files on the floppy...so did the file from the above quote. thx format a:, then copy files to disk, or does it matter?
  13. ok cool thx u, after i unzip the 5/10-3, do i just put those 2 files on a floppy, and thats it? or do i have to run that exe
  14. hey all, i have been reading as much as i can about which bios to use for the san diego, and after all i have read, i havnt pinpointed a version that will in fact work. i have 5/10 diamond flashed on a floppy rite now, the one that support venice, will this be ok? i apologize if this question was answered before in another thread, my eyes are getting kinda sore from reading so much lol , thx in advance btw-those specs will be what i will be using, once the chip comes in, for now, its just waitin on the SD
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