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  1. Thanks for the warning angry_games, I had ntune installed already so I quickly un-installed it. I solved the problem somehow, here's what I did.


    1) Un-installed the smartguardian that I had

    2) Re-installed the smartguardian program from DFI retail disc

    3) Re-boot

    4) Still had 128 C error

    5) Attempted to shutdown, computer hanged

    6) Manually turned off the PSU and let everything "whir" down

    7) Turned computer back on, and smartguardian read temperatures fine


    I have one last question, regarding my NB +1.5V and should I be concerned with it's voltage?



  2. 'P' stands for performance: I've used all three 5-10's, nad 4-14 1 & 2 - they were all good, but the 3/10p got me to 370 fsb/2.837GHZ stable.


    You'll have to try for yourself, though: System to system, even identical systems will perform differently, depending on the settings and how patient you are to get it "just right." :cool:


    Sorry to intrude on your thread nos7955... but this question is for audscott.


    Are you overclocking on all-air?

  3. Are you sure i need to update the bios and are you sure that is the correct version? I would hate to flash myself to oblivion... Will it even make a difference seeing as FX-WANNA-B has the same problem as me and i assume he has a newere version of the bios?


    Put it this way, have you flashed at all since you received your DFI mobo in the mail?

  4. Hello SaFrOuT,


    Best overclock I have ever been able to hit is 2750mhz. I have tried many many settings in bios. Many different versions of the bios also.

    Higher fsb with lower multi & everything in between. I have been coached by Ryder & Marcus from OCZ.


    And' I can never run (1 T) for any length of time what so ever. I was windering if I had a board that was semi-bad if you will or just the CPU was not a good yield.


    I am no pro at the memory timings yet but I do have a basic understanding. If yu know of any way I cn at least hit 2800 mhz with this current CPU then please be so kind as to share the knowledge....... :-)


    I appreciate you guys posting & the input.




    It may very well just be the chip, as all cpu's are different. You can't go wrong with the FX-55, if you don't mind spending the extra money. If you are cost conscious, I'd say go with the 4000+ SD.

  5. ok did the jumper setting as shown on pic but....


    with the 3.3+ line set to 3.5v and bios vdimm set to 3.4, the bios voltage reading on the vdimm shows only 3.31v and measuring the vdimm point on the board itself reads 3.33v. but angry_games only need 3.45v on the psu for vdimm to run at 3.4v?


    3.4v was angry_games specifications. It all depends on your specifications (eg. setup, type of ram, overclock).


    I was able to get everything up and running fine after doing the following:


    -switching the 4v rail little jumper i was using (the blue jumper that came with my board) with a better hard drive slave/master jumper

    -following angry_games and Rgone's specifications for bios (search)

    -rebooting several times


    I once had my psu 3.3v rail exactly at 3.30v...then upon rebooting it went down to 3.28v. so I have now set it at 3.33v


    this stuff can get confusing :nod:

  6. I'm having a bit of a problem selecting 3.3v in the DRAM Voltage Control.

    I am using a OCZ PowerStream 520w and I have set the rail at roughly 3.35v. I upped it all the way up to 3.5v to see if that would allow me to select 3.3v in the DRAM Voltage Control but all I'm getting is 3.2 selectable. Mind you the BIOS settings are "out of the box" and I've never built a gaming rig before.

  7. Hello every1

    It took me months to build, but it's finally complete. Now I just need help setting it up without killing a component.


    My specs:

    (all air cooling)

    AMD 64 4000+ Rev. E

    XP-90 + Panaflo 92mm

    DFI N4 Ultra-D

    OCZ PowerStream 520w

    WD Sata Raptor 74gb 10k RPM

    Evga 6600 GT

    1GB OCZ VX 4000 (80mm fan, active cooling)


    Things to do list:

    -Update BIOS

    -Install xp pro

    -Burn in memory


    ^ that's all I have for now. I also have a question regarding a 5v jumper or 4v jumper..? What is it, and do I need it? I have the 4 plug P4 plugged into the slot to the left of the 24pin connector.


    Any other advice/warnings to get my system up and running is greatly appreciated.

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