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  1. http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/chchcojt.html review: http://www.hardwarexl.com/reviews/cooling/..._from_jingting/ These will sell out.
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH, TRIED IT AND IT POSTED! Edit: read angry_games guide wrong. :drool:
  3. I'll try that right now. Yes all 4 power connectors are connected, but 1 Q?.. Do I connect the P4 connector or the +P4 to the 12v slot? Update: re-seated the cpu and still no post. Should I just RMA the cpu?
  4. I just got an x2 3800+, popped that in, smeared some as5 over it and mounted a zalman cpu cooler on it. I have it hooked up to a powerstream 520w and I impatiently attempted to boot the rig but realized I needed to update the bios. I popped out the bios chip and put it into my other rig and flashed it to tony's 702-b bios, then put it back in. It won't post and all I get is 3 LED's. So far, I've swapped the 6600gt with my 7800gtx and that is not the cause of the problem. My current specs at the time of writing is: - x2 3800 - dfi ultra-d nf4 - g skill pc 4000 1x2gb (1 stick sitting in the orange slot closest to the cpu) - ocz ps 520w Also I tried the insert trick on my ps/2 keyboard that didn't work. I am testing this setup outside of a case and didn't have the hdd hooked up to it when I tested it, but this can't be the cause of the error correct? As it should at least be able to post without an hdd.. right? That and 3 led's indicate a problem with the cpu... right? :confused:
  5. It means they took off the integrated heat spreader, the piece that you spread as5 on like peanut butter on a jelly sandwich.
  6. oh... what do you think may have gone wrong? The corruption of the OS happened right after I flashed the bios. I was fooling around with the OC before I flashed, getting up to 2.88Ghz at 1.53v on air, but was super pi stable.
  7. I recently had a problem.. I oc'd too high or something or flashed my bios wrong from 510-2 to 623-3 and my xp pro OS went corrupt! I'm thinking it's because I didn't lock my PCI bus? How do I lock it anyhow?
  8. yes, I have this exact same problem as well.. ::subscribed::
  9. playing in squads is pretty fun.. you can spawn to your commander, and talk to your mates
  10. I just want a liquid gameplay experience (ultra high fps). That's why I'm thinking about selling my 4000+ and getting a 4400+ X2 when the price drops (hopefully) next month. I think I'm over the whole phase change solution..
  11. That's why I like this forum, everyone's so helpful. Thanks for that link angry, I actually have a lian li pc-75b, but I wonder if that reservoir (or is it a pump) would fit in my case... Also, angry... I heard from EOCF forums that you had an AMD x2, I thought you had it under phase change?
  12. :confused: try right click > save as
  13. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/ITE_SG_050123.zip
  14. there's a monthly fee (I pay $12) for 6 free scheduled investments. It's a pretty good deal in contrast to other investment sites such as ameritrade. It's expensive to invest in real-time though.
  15. I already invest in AMD via sharebuilder.com I haven't yet yielded any dividends since started investing in AMD about 3 months ago.
  16. Is a phase change system a good investment? I'm a college student, with a well paying part time job at a grocery store, and phase change looks like a very good investment to get the most out of cpu's. I'm looking at the Asetek Vapochill Lightspeed to go right under a Lian-Li PC-65b, will it fit this case? And do I have to do any cutting?
  17. try uninstalling smartguardian, re-installing it -> then shut down the computer, and switch off the psu and unplug the power cord. boot up and see if it gives you the same readings.
  18. You could definately lower those cpu temps with a 3rd party HS/F. I recommend an XP-90 + Panaflo 92mm fan.
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