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  1. http://www.sidewindercomputers.com/chchcojt.html review: http://www.hardwarexl.com/reviews/cooling/..._from_jingting/ These will sell out.
  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH, TRIED IT AND IT POSTED! Edit: read angry_games guide wrong. :drool:
  3. I'll try that right now. Yes all 4 power connectors are connected, but 1 Q?.. Do I connect the P4 connector or the +P4 to the 12v slot? Update: re-seated the cpu and still no post. Should I just RMA the cpu?
  4. I just got an x2 3800+, popped that in, smeared some as5 over it and mounted a zalman cpu cooler on it. I have it hooked up to a powerstream 520w and I impatiently attempted to boot the rig but realized I needed to update the bios. I popped out the bios chip and put it into my other rig and flashed it to tony's 702-b bios, then put it back in. It won't post and all I get is 3 LED's. So far, I've swapped the 6600gt with my 7800gtx and that is not the cause of the problem. My current specs at the time of writing is: - x2 3800 - dfi ultra-d nf4 - g skill pc 4000 1x2gb (1 stick sitting in the orange slot closest to the cpu) - ocz ps 520w Also I tried the insert trick on my ps/2 keyboard that didn't work. I am testing this setup outside of a case and didn't have the hdd hooked up to it when I tested it, but this can't be the cause of the error correct? As it should at least be able to post without an hdd.. right? That and 3 led's indicate a problem with the cpu... right? :confused:
  5. It means they took off the integrated heat spreader, the piece that you spread as5 on like peanut butter on a jelly sandwich.
  6. oh... what do you think may have gone wrong? The corruption of the OS happened right after I flashed the bios. I was fooling around with the OC before I flashed, getting up to 2.88Ghz at 1.53v on air, but was super pi stable.
  7. I recently had a problem.. I oc'd too high or something or flashed my bios wrong from 510-2 to 623-3 and my xp pro OS went corrupt! I'm thinking it's because I didn't lock my PCI bus? How do I lock it anyhow?
  8. yes, I have this exact same problem as well.. ::subscribed::
  9. playing in squads is pretty fun.. you can spawn to your commander, and talk to your mates
  10. I just want a liquid gameplay experience (ultra high fps). That's why I'm thinking about selling my 4000+ and getting a 4400+ X2 when the price drops (hopefully) next month. I think I'm over the whole phase change solution..
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