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  1. Well thanks for the offer but I can buy Brand New 144 at newegg for $89.00 us dollars
  2. Hello, I am interested in upgrading my current 3000+ single core to dual core 939 CPU. Also I will consider a single core if it is 3500+ and above.
  3. Is that cpu single core or dual core? Oh nevermind, I now see that cpu is for 754board. I looking to upgrade my 3000+939 cpu.
  4. Thanks to all for the advice. I will reverse the fan so it blows on the fins. Sometimes my computer stutters when playing games and I think that is the reason why. In other words there is not enough air to cool the cpu or carry the heat away. At first I thought that stutter might be a graphic card problem until I upgraded to7900gt card and I think this new card is to strong and powerful to cause the stutters in the games. In other words the CPU calculation are slowing so therefore causing the games to stutter. Again thanks for the advice.
  5. Hello to All: I am having trouble deciding what direction the fan on my CPU should blow. I now have the fan blowing away from the heat sink but not sure if thats the correct way. Does anyone know what is the best way to place the fan on the CPU? Should the air from the fan blow on the CPU or should air blow the heat away from the CPU and heat sink?
  6. Thanks C.NATE for the tip. However I was aware that those ddr pc4000 ballstix had problems. And the reason for the problems or at least thats what I read some where, was that users were applying to many volts to that Ram. From what I understand, the micron chip uses low voltage. But I may be wrong not really sure. Anyways I hope ballstix solved that problem with the 240pins. But I will do some research just to make sure before I make a purchase. Off subject: this mb really looks awsome http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813136014
  7. ThankYou MC for the advice. Yes I deserve an F for not doing my research homework hehe. Those ballstix seem ok and I am suprised that they are not that expensive. Again thanks for the advice.
  8. Hello to All: What's the best ram for the new DFI MR2 LAN nForce5 MB? I am particulary interested in the 2x1GB sticks with some OC'ing ability. I would prefer ocz but if gskill is better then that is fine also. Any advice in regards to the above question welcome.
  9. Here is a site that sells psu supply covers that you might be interested in. http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/ind...dex&cPath=22_29 They also have some power supplys that are already modded, however the prices seem to be a little bit more then a non-modded psu.
  10. You might want to try reformating your harddrive with the WD life guard utilitly. http://support.wdc.com/download/index.asp?swid=1 If this is a hard disk with a previous OS installed, then you might want to write zero's on the disk first then reformat it. That utility should allow you to do both. This may correct that problem unless your windows xp version is not really a full version.
  11. It's very possible that a mouse crawled into your computer and unplugged it while you were sleepling.
  12. More advice: I wouldn't consider installing the motherboard back into the case until you are stablilized with windows (operating system) and other nessasary software such device drivers and have made a few memory passes with memtest.
  13. Here is a post that was written by lawboy which contains some information that may be useful for you. I have placed this here just by a chance that you might not know this information. "Are you following the build guide here on forum:http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=6615 Also Here is the way to read the Diagnostic LEDs. 4 LEDs on = Power applied, checking CPU 3 LEDs on = CPU has been detected OK, checking RAM 2 LEDs on = RAM has been detected OK, checking VGA 1 LED on = VGA has been detected OK, entering BIOS 0 LEDs on = System has booted to the Operating System. As long as you are in the BIOS including running memtest from the BIOS option, there will be one LED on. Example: If you are getting 3 LEDs on, it means the rig is having trouble detecting the RAM. The lower(PCI) Amber LED is the 5VSB indicator. The upper Amber LED is the RAM voltage indicator. Once the rig has started and been shut down the RAM LED will go out until the PSU is power cycled" I am assuming that the only fans that you referred to that are spinning are the cpu, powersupply and the nvidia nforce chip fan. So this means that you have your motherboard sitting on top of a box or a safe platform and not in your computer case yet. If this is so then very good. First I would try to reinstall the cpu. Take it out and make sure there are no broken pins. If not, reinstall it very carefully. Upon this do another clear CMOS, a few minutes should do fine. Also you have stated something in regards to speakers and I am not sure why. But anyways in case you don't already know the speaker settings dose not equal to CMOS. After the reinstall of CPU and clear CMOS reconnect the power cord to the power supply and press that little black power button on the motherboard. Upon this post back with the results.
  14. As of now your problem seems directed to the power supply and the inability to get into the bios. In other words, it seems that you are not getting enough current to run all of your components together, therefore your computer is hanging. Try moving you graphics card to the second slot, one stick of memory to top yellow, then top orange, and also do this with your hard drive move it to 1,2 etc... Also make sure you have all 4 power connector attached to motherboard. If this dose not work for you then you may have to follow post#3 on your thread. and pruchase a recomended psu. Good luck.
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