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  1. Thanks for all the advice. I increased my Vdimm to 2.9V and Memtest86 runs with no errors (I ran Test#8 for 1 hour with no errors, and the full test for 3 hours so far). That is the only thing I did (CPC is still enabled, ,and so is DRAM Interleave). My current timings are on Auto and detect at 2-3-3-6 1T. I might bump up the voltage a little bit more and see if I can tighten up the timings a little bit, but at least I know this is stable. I have been able to play BFV for 3 hours without any crashes to desktop, so I'm pretty confident the problem has been solved.
  2. So I was finally able to stabalize my system. I increased my Vdimm from defaul (2.6V) up to 2.9V. I am now running stable at 2-3-3-6 1T with Interleave enabled. I'm going to bump up the voltage just a little bit more and see if I can tighten up the timings to 2-2-2-5.
  3. Thanks for the advice...I'll try bumping voltage to 3V and see what happens. If that runs stable, I'll set to 1.5-2-2-5 and retest.
  4. Yeah I have been reading in some of the Mushkin forums that people are pushing them to higher voltages like 3.3V or 3.4V. Do you think I will need any kind of active cooling at 3.0V? I don't plan to push them up to 3.3V unless absolutely necessary to get them to work (I know I would need cooling at that point)...but I'll try lower values first.
  5. I'm having similar problems...but haven't tweaked anything yet. I've got the exact same RAM as you and am failing Memtest86, and my games crash to desktop randomly. I'm very frustrated at this point. I guess I will change CPC to 2T. Did you turn the DRAM Interleave off? By the way, what are your timings? Mine show up as 2-3-3-6 @ DDR400, 1T. Like I said, my setup is not stable at all. Here's my post: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=12125 So it sounds like maybe if I change CPC to 2T it might clear up the problem. I may increase my voltage to 2.7 or 2.8 also if the 2T change doesn't work by itself.
  6. Hi I'm a newbie here. I put my first computer together and so far it has been a complete nightmare. To save you some boredome, let's just say I've managed to get my OS running and everything seems to be running ok. However, I bought this system to play games (Battlefield Vietnam, Doom 3, etc) and I plan to keep it for a while. As you can see from my signature, I have what I believe is a pretty good setup as far as components go. I've got all the latest drivers installed. By the way, I'm not trying to overclock the CPU anything....I just want to play my games without crashing to desktop. The problem is that whenever I play Doom or BFV, after about 20 minutes I get a crash to desktop. At first I thought it was my drivers, but I tried about 7 different NVIDIA drivers and betas, nothing worked. Eventually it turned into an IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen all the time, so I re-installed the OS and partitioned the hard drive and put Windows on a 20G partition. The seems to have cleared up the IRQL blue screen problem. But the games still crash randomly. So, I started thinking that maybe me RAM wasn't running properly. I have no where to begin tweaking the settings, but I ran MEMTEST86 from the BIOS and it found about 25 errors in about 1 hours (all from Test #8). From what I have been reading in the forums, if your memory is stable you shouldn't see any errors. All BIOS settings are default and the memory reads 2-3-3-6 1T DDR400. The default Vdimm is 2.6V. I also ran Prime95 from Windows and it started finding errors after only a minute or two. Right now, I'd like to get memtest86 to run error free (specifically Test #8) and see if that fixes my game crashing problem. So, I have a few questions about where to start. First of all, I have the Mushkin Blue 2X512 memory and I'm not sure if it is Winbond BH-5 or UTT (I found a forum online where someone said most batches especially newer ones are UTT). This memory is supposed to be 2-3-3-6. I have it in the Orange DIMM slots (2 and 4). I know how to tweak the values in the BIOS, but I am not sure which one to start with (I want to start tweaking the value that will have the smallest performance impact). Also, on this forum some people mentioned disabling the CPC (so it reads 2T) and disabling the DRAM Interleave. Which one should I start with? Should I do it before tweaking the 2-3-3-6 values? Should I increase the voltage on the RAM (Mushkin says its rated for 2.5-2.8V so I shouldn't go above 2.8V right?). My CPU fan is big and overhangs the DIMM4 slot, but I don't think it offers a lot of active cooling over the RAM, so I don't want to burn it up or anything. As you can see I am lost and I'm in over my head, but have spent too much money to give up now. So please somebody, end the suffering and help a dude out...
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