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  1. If I want to upgrade from A3.75 to A4.00, do I have to uninstall the 3.75 drivers? Or can I just run the setup for 4 and have it taken care of.
  2. Listening to Megadeth as usual....seeing as how they are the greatest band on earth and all.
  3. I'm trying to update the drivers for my motherboard (sound drivers for now), but I don't know what to download. I have the Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D, and it has RealTek onboard sound. If I go to DFI's site, the driver section has an update for "Audio Driver" (Revision A3.75). If I go into my RealTek menu and look at the driver version, it is The two don't seem to have anything in common, so I'm not sure which is older. A3.75 is dated 2005/08/27. If I go to RealTek's site, they don't have a drivers section, only a codec section. No results appear when I search for A3.75 through their site, so I have no idea what to download.
  4. After checking prices everywhere, I decided Im going to get the OCZ. Too good of a deal to pass up. One thing I was wondering about is why you (Thasp) said "I usually wouldn't have the OCZ on the top of my recommended list". Why is that?
  5. The ones i linked are both Enermax
  6. But after shipping its $108. I want the total to be under $100. Between these two, which should I go for? http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_attrib....Noisetaker&rd=1 http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_attrib....4&lo_p=0&hi_p=0
  7. My PSU is dead, so I wanted to find a replacement. I dont want to get the same one because Im afraid it will mess up again (even though I know its unlikely) and I also want a chance to get experience with a new PSU. Like I said, under $100 would be preferred.
  8. Anyone have any recommendations on a new power supply that could work well for me? How much power should I be looking for to run my system? I read through the recommended list of PSUs, but there are so many there, I dont know what to look for. Im not sure how powerfull of a PSU I really need. I dont want to spend over $100 if possible.
  9. Just got the computer back today. The motherboard is dead and the PSU is dying. Anyone know what DFIs warranty policies are? How would I go about trying to get a replacement motherboard? If you know about Fortron (PSU) as well let me know, but since this is DFI Streat figured Id ask about the mobo here. Thanks for your help also.
  10. so, any recommendations on a good replacement PSU? Something not too expensive or over the top preferably.
  11. Im gona kick myself if its the PSU (even though Im hoping thats what it is). When I first built this thing about 2-3 years ago, the 1 decision I was split bewteen was to either get the PSU I have, or to spend the extra money and get an OCZ Powerstream......that 1 choice might cost me now lol. Im taking it in tomorrow and Im gona try to convinve the people to cut the price on the diagnostic. They wana charge me $70 just to look at it, but if its the PSU, then all the have to do is unplug/plug in a few cables. Not worth it so Ill see what I can work out. edit: Quick question that can hopefully be answered tonight. Wich PSU should I try to get from the recommended list? If you look at my specs youll see I dont need an extremely powerfull/expensive SLI unit. How much power should I look for?
  12. Sorry for not responding, kinda hard for me to get online with this whole problem lol. I disasembled it and put it back together but have the same problems. I think it may be my power supply, but couldnt it also be a mobo problem? The reason is because it always fails doing different things. Sometimes it fails on the RAM check, other times it boots fine but the video card doesnt seem to be working. Right now it gets stuck on 3 lights, but when I turn it off then on, it seems to boot fine but I cant see anything like before. I dont have any parts that I can swap out with so the only way I can check for sure is to take it to a PC repair shop. At this point I dont have any other choice I think. Ive tried it with 1 stick (tried both sticks) of RAM, and get the same problem, so unless they have both gone bad, I dont think its a RAM problem. Thanks for the help, and if you have any other ideas please post them. I wont be taking it in till tomorrow probably.
  13. Just tried it again this morning after clearing CMOS all night. Still nothing. Pulled out everything to reseat....still nothing. Anyone have any last ideas before I end up paying $80 for a computer repair store?
  14. Yup, basically the initial build guide is telling me to only have the processor, Video card, 1 stick of RAM, HD, FD, and the power cables pluged in right? edit** actually, I just noticed that the "initial build guide" doesnt say anything about a HD or FD. Am I not supposed to have those plugged in? Will it still boot up without the hard drive? The Clear CMOS guide does tell me to have these plugged in, so what should I follow.
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