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  1. Hey: Go to your systems settings and uninstall your video card. Reboot and let windows find it again. It should find it in 8X mode for ya if all goes well. I had that problem once with this card after a reload and thats how I fixed it. GL
  2. just make sure that whatever you get is Centrino it's really a big advance in systems management that allows much better battery life amoung other things. LD
  3. Get a different MB... I've had three in mine. I like the IC7-G but the P4C800 is rated very well too. My Gigabyte crapped out within a week!!! Otherwise thats a great rig.....
  4. tkos rulz hands down!!!
  5. Hey: I have the Ic7-G and I'm using PC3700..... Get at least that or PC4000 if your going high overclock!!
  6. Devin: let me think about that and check online... Clearly I'll need to be under the price of new enough to make it worth while. I'm traveling tomorrow so I won't answer until end of week.. You will have time to research. Lance
  7. Will: Your numbers ROCK!!!! Great Job!!! Any tricks I should know to move mine up with the new 3.2C that's coming? What type of memory timings you got?
  8. Dino: http://www.chip-con.com/ Start with that.... Get the Mach II system it works much better than the Mach I... It also is compatible with move MB's.... Yes, the instructions are fine, even I got mine together!!!! Let me know what you want to know and I'll help ya. PS. I've got a Mach II coming if you want to buy a slightly used Mach I with case... All Aluminum, very sweet!!
  9. Hey: I'm not sure on this but i think the 47 code is for a custom size that isn't in the bios, should be no big deal it use it. If it lets you chose drives then 47 should be followed by a customisable setting, if so the 47 is your drive, it just diddent have it in the bios.. LD
  10. Hey: I think you can move it fine... I've moved it in and out of my office to work on it several times.... Everything is real solid and you could lan party it.... The problem is if your not big, you can't lift it off the floor... LOL I swear it must be 55-65 pounds.... It's massive!!!!!!
  11. LOL, mine was a DEC Rainbow..... Does anyone here even know what that is????
  12. LOL.... We have 4 systems in the office and I'm always screwing with something but I never have time to make her sound work right or printer or whatever!!! I just always end up with something torn up in that office.... The Prometeia is really cool, but it's a Fu _ _ er to work on!! The sealing of the CPU is a pain and slows everything down when making changes... The good news is she really doesn't know how much I spend on these systems!!!!!
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