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    <br>Making money for the toys!!!! I love speed and I always buy fast stuff, it doesn't matter if it's Cars, Boats or Computers!!!!
  1. Hey: Go to your systems settings and uninstall your video card. Reboot and let windows find it again. It should find it in 8X mode for ya if all goes well. I had that problem once with this card after a reload and thats how I fixed it. GL
  2. just make sure that whatever you get is Centrino it's really a big advance in systems management that allows much better battery life amoung other things. LD
  3. Get a different MB... I've had three in mine. I like the IC7-G but the P4C800 is rated very well too. My Gigabyte crapped out within a week!!! Otherwise thats a great rig.....
  4. tkos rulz hands down!!!
  5. Hey: I have the Ic7-G and I'm using PC3700..... Get at least that or PC4000 if your going high overclock!!
  6. Devin: let me think about that and check online... Clearly I'll need to be under the price of new enough to make it worth while. I'm traveling tomorrow so I won't answer until end of week.. You will have time to research. Lance
  7. Will: Your numbers ROCK!!!! Great Job!!! Any tricks I should know to move mine up with the new 3.2C that's coming? What type of memory timings you got?
  8. Dino: http://www.chip-con.com/ Start with that.... Get the Mach II system it works much better than the Mach I... It also is compatible with move MB's.... Yes, the instructions are fine, even I got mine together!!!! Let me know what you want to know and I'll help ya. PS. I've got a Mach II coming if you want to buy a slightly used Mach I with case... All Aluminum, very sweet!!
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