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  1. Just saw this on digg, might be helpful for some. (tips for decreasing windows load time) http://www.intelliadmin.com/blog/2006/09/w...o-start-up.html
  2. lol, its big, but not that big. that pic makes it look huge, but it really isn't. ill try to take a better pic.
  3. Ordered on Augst 26th, still haven't gotten it.
  4. Yeah, just happened out of nowhere. I didn't install the NVIDIA IDE drivers, and I don't think I will. I don't expect much faster than 5 passes of the blue bar.
  5. Weird, I had my parts setup outside of the case to test everything before placing into my case. I unhooked all the cables etc, and started putting it into my Antec P180B (which btw was a pain to do). Afterwards, my first boot- whaddya know, 5 blue bars go by and I'm into windows. ?!?!? I have no idea what the difference was. In any case, I'm happy. Resolved... sort of.
  6. The windows splash screen where the blue indicator goes left to right. Takes about 28 passes again. Back up from 15 I really don't want to reformat again. I Primed this overnight for 10 hours, did testing of both cores with OCCT and SUPERPI also so I think its stable enough for me. Don't feel like reformatting just to save 10-15 seconds off windows load time. I was just wondering if there was some tweak to make it faster though. As long as I'm not the only one that is loading slow with dual-core, I guess I'm fine with that. And what was your question? I only saw that you asked if I was SP1 or SP2. I answered that previously, Sp2.
  7. I went ahead and reformatted. Problem is back again, and this time I did all the hotfixes/drivers/optimizations already. This sucks, oh well. I can honestly say that before the format, my system loaded faster. Again, reaffirming that a reinstallation of windows is not needed for single core -> dual core.
  8. Not sure if thats all it does- I would think it does more than that, but it did help the windows load time drop significantly.
  9. Yeah, check it out. Got info for all 3 drivers/optimizations/fixes there.
  10. Check out the Thermalrigh HR-05-SLI for a silent option. I just installed it on my board, dropped load temps by 10-12 degrees. Before with the stock dfi cooler, I had 52C~ load. I'm running two instances of prime for my dual cores now and the chipset temp is 40C. But wait, it gets even better- if I add a fan close to the HR-05-SLI, temps drop ANOTHER 10C!! I'm at 31C running two prime95 right now. Ridiculous!
  11. Seasonic S12 600W!!!! This thing is legit. The "loudest" thing (which isn't loud, I can barely hear it) in my computer is my Panaflo fan on my CPU. Fanless GPU, fanless chipset, seasonic psu, and yate loons = SILENT GALORE. check out my sig for the details. The only thing that stands out also is the hitachi. NOT a quiet drive when its working. The seagate, I don't even know its working because it's so quiet even when I'm accessing it. But the hitachi, BAD. I'd swap it out for another seagate, but don't really feel like blowing 60-90 bucks right now. Maybe later when I get bored.
  12. I'm on SP2. I just came across another thing. I'm trying to check CPUZ for two cores, and it shows two cores, but it won't let me drop down the menu to see the other core. (the area is grayed out as if there was only one selection) But right next to it, it lists 2 cores. And everywhere else it shows 2 cores (device manager and in the taskmanager performance tab)
  13. Interesting. I just chceked the sig and the only thing I didn't do that I thought was optional was the "hotfix". I did that along with whatever it said to do in the registry, and now my load time is pretty much halved. I guess that solves it? Haha. Before I was waiting 32 blue bars to go by, this time just 15. So.... try that if you had problems. Thanks! I'm gonna just make sure this rig is stable at stock. I don't even know if I will get to OCing it since school is starting up soon- don't wanna go into school with a sketchy computer. THANKS again.
  14. No, since I kept my previous installation of windows and all my other stuff, it was not first time loading windows. Anyone else? Do I need to make any dual-core related changes in bios? I'm running 704-2BT bios so it's dual-core compatible.
  15. I just made the jump to an Opteron 165 from an Venice 3000+ and just trying to get it running. The windows loading screen is taking at least 2-3 times longer than before. I haven't OCed it or anything, using optimized defaults for now. I followed the procedure indicated in another thread for going to dual-core without reinstalling windows. Anyone know what the problem could be?
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