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  1. Better Clocks? Cold Boot sorted? wanna know if it's worth swapping up from 10/5-2 yet?
  2. nice one guys that's exactly the help i wanted
  3. Guys I know this is real noob thing to ask but can you do a sticky on the different way to flash the bios. I mean in real 'flashing bios' for idiots' style I use my PC mostly for gaming, and i wanna learn how to do stuff, but sometimes even when you search threads and google you still don't find out what you need. Specifically i wanna know exactly how to use winflash. I might not know much but i knew enough to buy a DFI board. can you please help.
  4. See you got a new pic angry. do you still luv powa?
  5. go with the rec 2. some people have been having a few problems with giving the vx all the juice it needs (though i'm sure that'll be fixed soon) see the cold boot thread.
  6. Guys i wanna flash to 5/10-2 but have got a couple of questions about winflash. I'm not stupid, but i haven't used it before so can you answer a couple of questions please. When i update do i just want to update the main block or the boot and dmi blocks as well? my systems stable, and it'd take it back to optimised defaults for the flash anyway. or is AWDflash a better way, to go. I missed the whole DOS thing so prefer to do things in windows...
  7. so is there any reason you'd want a higher/lower start up vid?
  8. flashed the bios with Diamond Flash so all good there. and i've found the pages to explain memory, will have to sit down with that one. but can you please explain what each of these are, esp* Cpu Startup VID CPU VID CPU VID Special Control* thanks btw is there a version of MBM that works on the DFI?
  9. Just upgraded to A64 and DFI from my old NF7 and 2500XP. Can you guys give me a bit of help to get me started? I'm sure i'll be back with more dumb questions but for now can you answer me this? I've never used Winflash before and just wanna check a couple of things before i get going. I'm flashing from the 01/25 bios to 3/10 but do i want to update the Boot Block, DMI Block and Mainblock or just one/a combination of the above. Do i want to load optimised defaults before i do it as well? Also the board detected my VX's speeds as 3-3-3-3-2CMD!!! when i installed everything and i wanna know if i can just pop then down to where they should be 2-2-2-8-1 and leave the rest of the settings that are new to me (A64 ones) on auto until i've got time to properly read about them. I know you got to set the CPU vid control to something other than auto before you can change the jumper to get the voltage for the RAM up. I do plan to overclock (duh) but wanna have a bit of a play around first to find my bearing. One more thing do i want to have my RAM in 2&4 (where it is at the mo) or 1&3 - i'm gonna be putting some volts through it btw quality idea having dfi staff on the board thanks
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