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  1. Hrmm had my Ballistix for about two weeks. So far Memtest Stable for a couple of hours @ 280 x 10 - 2.8v 1:1 EDIT: And obviously PI 32m, Prime and game stable Just hope it keeps up
  2. Yeah it'll be on Sysxtreme mate. I was just asking for the HTML as it woiuld be nice to have all the hotlinks/colours intact for it
  3. That is a great post. Any chance I hcan have a copy of the HTML version you posted in a .txt file so I can post it on another forum (giving you + DFI street full credit of course??) If so please e-mail me at kempez815 [at] hotmail.com Thanks
  4. I tend to like stress testing in D Chan to see if the memory controller is up to the work, but hey - we all have your ways Nice OC - may just go for 10 x 275/280 or something like that and get it nice and stable. Think I'll try 623 then maybe go 704 if its not stable. Orange would be fine for the TCCD too then?
  5. Sweet thanks Sharp. Will take a look at that Has anyone use this BIOS by Bigtoe?? XS
  6. Hey all. Had my SLi-D for a while now and definately going to get an X2. I have spec in sig ATM - with a Thermalright XP-120 + Panaflo fan AMD 64 3200+ Venice DFI LANPARTY Sli-D BIOS Rev: 510-3 OCZ Plat Rev 2 2 x 512mb I'm getting an X2 4400+ I currently have 2 x 512mb modules of TCCD Rev 2 So here (finally) is the question: What is the best BIOS for X2? I will be overclocking, but probably not removing the spreader (i'm a wuss ) On another note: RAM I was going to get 2 x 1gb Crucial Ballistic Tracers Here as I've heard they pretty damn fine chips. Any issues with these and is there a BIOS that will be ok with both sets of RAM (won't be getting Crucial until October and was hoping for a little bit of overclocking before that ) Thanks for all your help - any more info you need and I'll supply it
  7. By jove I think he's got it!! Seriously - I found it in there and its partitioning/formatting. I'll report back with the results. Thanks for the advice dude Update: This indeed did work and I now have a nice RAID 0 drive for all my games to go onto. Thanks my friend
  8. No I did not. Where can I do this? Is it an option in the RAID BIOS?? I assumed I would be able to do this in windows.
  9. Hi all. Fist of all - specs are in sig - apart from the two Hitachi Deskstars that I've just added to my computer. They are: 2 x 40gb Hitachi Deskstars 7200RPM SATA 7K250 I have put these in RAID 0 to use as the drives I run my games off. They are NOT my boot drive and in fact windows and games run fine on my normal IDE drive. The problem I am having is that Windows does not show the drives in "My Computer" at all. I can "remove" them (in the tray) but I cannot see them to save to/install a game to. Here's what I did to setup: Installed SATA wires and power cables as usual...easy stuff. I'm using SATA 1 and 2. Booted into BIOS and checked that SATA 1 & 2 were enabled. Enabled RAID and went into RAID menu and enabled all physical SATA ports. I did not enable RAID on IDE posrt - do I have to?? Went into RAID BIOS and selected "striping". Added both drives and cleared the data from them (they were new ) Rebooted and went into Windows. Suffered the agonising pain of having to ring MS again (7th time) to activate windows as I've changed my hardware again Got over that and booted into windwos, installed drivers from diskette I got with mobo. Rebooted to make sure all was ok....went into "My Computer" and saw only my partitioned IDE drive Checked the control panel and saw the nvidia RAID partition there, but not in "My computer". Cried a lot lol I knows this is a long one, but I wanted to put as much detail as possible. Anyone help at all??
  10. Get a named power supply like in the sticky at the top
  11. So with 2 x 1024 modules - do you still have to run @ 2t? :confused:
  12. I use the BIOS 510-3 for TCCD with my Rev 2 and haven't bothered to flash again - why would I need to with my nice OC??
  13. I got a DOA Neo 2 My old 754 UT 250gb worked luverly cause I researched and got it running
  14. Hello, In the UK?? :nod: Kustom :angel: Or I could post something that you asked for!! This is the closest I got :dog:
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