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  1. I've got the XP-90, and it fits fine. I can swap in and out the RAM without to much hassles, but I have to remove the first two sticks to move around the two sticks under the heat sink. 6800gt fits without any problems.
  2. I got back ~512M by going to the 623 BIOS. Granted, I've got 4x1G of RAM in my system - but the extra gig of physical RAM goes a long way.
  3. Well, I'm running 1Gx4 - but I went for cheap value ram. Granted, I paid ~78USD a stick, but happy with the more or less stock speeds at 2T.
  4. Got the same drive - also sorted the issue. You have to go and set it to PIO. Wish I knew the plextor folks just stuck a IDE to SATA adapter on the drive rather than released a native SATA DVD burner. Big black eye for them. Anyhow, they were not sure if it would get sorted by the bios writers, firmware for the dvd, or nvidia drivers. May change, but let me know if you are stuck and I can get you burning.
  5. Figured I would toss a note in here as well. I’ve got the WinXP-64 (GA) and Win2003-64(beta) running on my box. I’ll RAID 0 Win2003 when it goes GA, but for now it is more or less a stock install. Make sure you grab the Nvidia drivers rather than use the DFI ones for the Nforce4 chipset – picked up everything I was using. Have a 6800GT in there as well, so the beta 64bit drivers as well. I saw most of my issues go away with the 6/23 BIOS. I’m using cheap value RAM in this box – mostly because even slow RAM access is better than fast HDD access. Let me know if I can trouble shoot anything for you.
  6. Yup, as long as you have good airflow in the case as well. Watch the noise, however (dB rating) . You won't even hear yourself think with a Delta pushing 110 CFM at 55.0 dB... Ive got a Sunon that kicks out ~50CFM with 35dB, which is too loud for me.
  7. Add to the mix 4x1024 @ DDR400/2T for Venice
  8. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;318728 Try that...
  9. I'm running four sticks of 1G value ram. One stick runs 1T, 200mhz (DDR400) by default. With four, it drops to 2T, 166mhz (DDR333). I bumped up the FSB to 200 mhz without any issues, but have not done anything else to tighten the RAM. Good idea to make sure things match. I tried two 1G sticks and two 512M sticks and it would not post. Did not look to see if I had single sided mixed with double sided RAM.
  10. I spend a lot of time doing J2EE coding or working with VMWare images, so I use it more as a workstation than a server. I was a SCSI guy, but dang, those Raptors are fast on the disk IO. The diff on HL2 was not huge, but when I take a VMWare snapshot it goes fast. Got 4G of physical RAM in the box, so it does not swap out to disk that often for normal use.
  11. Did some benching, and ended up running RAID 0 with a pair of SATA drives on my box. Kept the SCSI drive in there for swap, however. U160 was not faster for gaming...
  12. 6/23 fixed a lot of issues for me. Have 4G of Value RAM in my box, and most of my issues went away with that cut of the beta bios. Not sure of my RAM type, so I used the -3 version.
  13. You don't want the 5/10 BIOS... Do the 6/18 or 6/23 BIOS. I'm not sure which type of RAM I have, so went with the N4D623-3 (oskar wu beta) version. The 5/10 cut had issues with my GT and 4G of RAM....
  14. Oskar has you covered! Update your BIOS with the current beta (http://www.techpowerup.com/articles/other/114) and it may just sort your issues. I'm using four sticks of the same RAM in my box. Not only did it fix the MMIO issue with those of us trying to map around the memory hole, but it made a huge impact on my gaming. CS:Source would lock on the video test, Farcry would lock before the first save point. Tuning down the vid settings helped, but with the N4D618 BIOS (and there is a newer one I have not tried) made most of my issues just go away. A side note, I have not tried to ramp up the ram too high yet, but if you drop in two sticks it will drop you from DDR400 1T to DDR333 2T. It has been very stable for me to ramp the FSB back up to 200mhz (DDR400) from the auto setting (DDR333/166mhz) the system selects. (boot to the head - just saw you were using something other than a UT SLI-DR. Still, worth checking for a bios update. Did wonders for my box with the same drivers installed)
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