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  1. anyone please have a link for me or something to get this MB replaced?? This is the DFI support forums right?? I am at the right place right?? Is there another section of the forums I should have posted the request or what?? Any help would be great. Thanks.
  2. Excuse me, the rules seem to have been updated sence I originally registered, the last thing I would want to do is have you quessing.....profile has been updated as per the rules.
  3. So, do I get an RMA # from a MOD or Admin on the forums here?? Or do I go through the DFI main webpage?? Any help getting the board replaced would be great. Thanks.
  4. yes, using the on board on-off/reset buttons. I`ve owned the board for a couple weeks but it was just a spare for my main rig sitting in the box, but I did test it when it came and it worked, or seemed to work fine. Last week I dissided to sell off some stuff so I put it together with some other spare hardware and ran it for a day stress testing the equipment I was going to sell, all was fine and it ran great, or seemed to anyway. The new case came yesterday and after installing the hardware and after about 90% of installing the OS did the shutting down start. That continued for about 5 to 7 times, then it just refused to start at all.
  5. yes, sorry I didn`t mention that, it`s out of the case now and with only a CPU and power supply installed, it still does the same thing, just twitchs the fans and shuts down.
  6. Hi all, I believe I need an RMA for my DFI NF4 Lanparty Ultra D. It was working fine and then it just started shuting off randomly, now it won`t turn on at all. I tryed another power supply that came out of a DFI NF4 SLI with a pair of 7800s, tryed diffrent memory, diffrent CPU, tryed with no memory installed. All I get is the fans twitch, the LED lights flash and go back out, but it doesn`t turn on. I tryed to reset the CMOS, tryed the BIOS chip from the other MB, nothing seems to make it run long enough to post. Plz advise. Thanks.
  7. the 24 pin connecter, the 4 pin connecter, the molex, and floppy connecter above the PCI-e slots all need to be connected.
  8. in SMARTYGARDIAN my ATX +3.3v is reported as 1.66v. I`m at a nice OC of 300x9 and the system is rock solid Prime95 abd Superpi 32M stabil, but what`s up with the low 3.3v rail?
  9. I think you missunderstand what it`s for, it`s to enable support for the dual core Gigabyte 3D1 card. When it`s dissabled, that card will not post for nothin.
  10. If you have a request for a BIOS change, list it here. Please change the default setting for dual core 6600 GT support from dissabled to enabled. I have one of these cards, and when you flash the bios, or reset the CMOS, if you don`t have another PCI-E VC the system won`t post. Having it enabled from the start would not hurt, would it? Thanks
  11. Grab the OCZ TCCD sticks, they OC like MADD and they require low voltage. I have two kits that both do over 300fsb. @ spdiscus - I`m just up the interstate from you by a half hour.
  12. Mine wouldn`t come back on once it streached out of view, I was then forced to restart it to get the screen back. Do you have another moniter anywhere around to swap out to do some quick testing.
  13. That is my safe speed. Actually it runs out alot faster and I bench at a higher speed then that. But, this does the shut down thing even at stock settings, I`m sorry, I should have said that in the first post. My bad.
  14. I just trashed a moniter today that was doing the same thing. Try repeatedly to turn off the power button on the front of it while the computer is running and then turn it back on. Mine would show a normal screen for a split second when you turned it back on and then expand and streach right of view. Sometimes if I kept restarting the moniter it would finially stay on, but I replaced it now and haven`t had any more problems like that.
  15. It started a couple weeks ago just randomly shutting down, it kinda went away for a bit, not it`s back with a vengence. Normally the thing is rock solid and a very fast platform. Sometimes it`ll not do it at all for days, sometimes a couple times a day, then like today, I can`t get it to boot at all. Cold it will boot into windows and all is fine and then out of the blue, under load or not, it just shuts off. The Vapo will see the power supply signal drop and signal to reboot the MB. It`ll reboot and run a bit and then shut down again, each time shuting down quicker and quicker to the point it won`t even get to the BIOS screen. As soon as the LED lights go through their thing and it gets down to the last LED, you hear a beep and it shuts down. I have tryed other power supplies, other power supply cables, wiring it without the Vapochill to eliminate that as the cause. I did a search but couldn`t find anything......anyone have any ideas??
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