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  1. Ok, so I just got my Opteron 165 and upgraded to the NF4LD406 bios from DFI's web page. Well, the computer can now recognize that there's now a dual-core, but now all my games are crashing a few minutes after starting them. I tried various hotfixes and other stuff with no help. Finally I pulled it out and put in the older XP3200 cpu and lo and behold, it STILL crashing. Ergo, it must be the Bios. So, that said, what next? UPDATE: Ok, updated the Bios to the 7.04-2BTA and that seems to have fixed the CTD problem. TF2 runs longer, but now BSOD's with an "IRQL_NOT_EQUAL_TO_OR_LESS_THAN" error. My experience is that this is usually a problem with RAM, but as my RAM was working perfectly fine before, I'm guessing it's still the Bios, but this time it's because of it not likeing my Mushkin Ram? Wevsspot mentioned the 6.23-1 Bios, so I'll give that one a shot, as it should work with both kinds of RAM. Update 2: Problem seems to be solved! I installed the 6.23-1 Bios and it still BSOD'd on me. I remembered a faint tickle of a memory from back when I first put the system together about how Mushkin Ram on this mobo is power-hungry, and want's more juice to function properly. So I upped the RAM voltage from the default 2.6v to 2.9v, which is what I had it at on my old Bios, and then tested it. Ran Team Fortress 2 for about 2 hours flawlessly. So I think that'll probably solve things.
  2. Ok, so I'll be playing a game and then I'll see massive lagspikes hitting me FNAR. (For No Apperant Reason) I'll get them about every 30-40 seconds, sometimes lasting as long as 10 seconds, and it happenes with every game I play. Basically, it makes multiplayer games impossible, and it's really giving me the red-butt because I can't find any cause or solution for it. I'v already asked around my friends, some of them do tech support for various companies, and none of them can give me an answer better than "I've never see that before" or "sounds like you're screwed, time for a reinstall." (And no, no one on the network is downloading or using file-sharing programs.) I've tried resetting the router and the cable modem. Tried updating the firmware of the router. My flatmate doesn't get these problems when playing, so I don;t think it's anything to do with the modem/router. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling the network drivers and Nforce drivers with the archived copy and then again with the newest versions. I've tried using different cables and a wireless card. Updating and then uninstalling my firewall software (The Nforce firewall) Now, earlier today I came across the first clue as to where the problem might be, while playing Day of Defeat: Source, I noticed that my "In" rate would freeze, while my "out" kept moving. Then the "In" would suddenly jump from it's normal level of about 60-80 up to about 3000 or more after it unfroze. That would seem to imply that there's something interfering with the incoming data. So, after uninstalling the Nforce firewall, yet again, I'm left with just the Windows XP SP2 firewall running, but still getting the same problems. At this point, I'm seriously contemplating just wiping and formatting, because this is really, really chaffing my butt. Any ideas?
  3. I'm behind a router and 1 1/2 firewalls. (Counting the onboard firewall chip as one, and MS's SP2 firewall as a half. ) Plus, I bardly ever download anything. And I've got NOD32 anti-virus, so I feel fairly safe.
  4. Thanks Sharp, increasing my DRAM voltage from 2.6v to 2.8v seems to have fixed the crashing problem. It's amazing how a tiny little tweak can make such a huge differance.
  5. I've been using this hardware configuration (minus the RAID) for some time with Windows X64, and games ran perfectly fine. It's only been the new install with the RAID and Windows XP 32-bit that's been crashing constantly. Anyone know how to set Windows xp so that it shows the BSOD insead of just automatically rebooting? That happens sometimes, and I think it might give me a clue as to what the problem is. And my RAM's fine, I tested it when I first put it in.
  6. The RAID with my DFI board is really starting to give me the red butt. I solve one problem and another one pops up. I got the previous issue with the downloads corrupting. (I forgot to install the Marvell Lan drivers, meh.) But now, I got a new one. Every 3D game I play crashes within a few minutes of playing. Often times, it won't even last a minute. I've tried reinstalling drivers, using older drivers, no effect. I'm currently using the recent crop of Nvidia's Nforce drivers and ATI's Cats. My Bios is set to default settings, nothing's overclocked at all. The hardware is all fine. Memtest showed no problem with the RAM and the hard drives all tested ok. So, what the hell could be causing everything to crash out on me? I'm open to any suggestions to try.
  7. It started up at first, getting all the way to "Verifying DMI Pool", and sometimes to "Boot from Floppy". Once it actually got to the point where it would let me start reading my Windows cd. Then it would just stop and sit there. Then after a few tries, it started rebooting at those points. I tried a few settings as mentioned Here, but now it won't even start when I press the power switch. (Either one.) The 'Power stand-by' LED is lit, but nothing else is. I already enabled JP8 to enable POST sounds, but it doesn't give me anything. The fan in my powersupply won't even start up. I already tried unplugging everything from the PSU except for the plugs on the mainboard, still nothing at all. I then cleared the CMOS with everything but the mobo unplugged, nothing at all. All the hardware is brand-new except for the powersupply, which is about 6-months old, and was working fine before. (And it started up at first.)
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