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  1. Okay, this is getting annoying now. I played with the 5V Jumper and set it back to default, and my computer turned on again. I lowered my RAM overclock so that it would run stable at 3.2V (it used to be at 3.3V), and for two weeks now, it was running VERY unstable. Random reboots and BSOD's every now and then, but it worked, for about two hours at a time. Today, it started getting so bad that it would BSOD a few seconds after I got into the Windows user selection screen. I ran Memtest86, and found some errors in both memory modules at every setting possible. I went to a nearby computer store, and bought some crappy Centon value RAM (all they had was this, Corsair VS, which has known issues, and $350 Corsair XMS, which is way too expensive). I put this in, and ran Memtest again, this time with no errors, so I tryed to boot into Windows, but got the same BSOD at the user login screen. I don't think RAM is the issue, and I was only using 1.55V max for the CPU, and was getting great temps (high 40's at full load). My PSU voltages are fine, I just got 11.95V, 4.97V, and 3.31V with a multimeter. What is the problem?
  2. I was using my computer last night, and it froze. I couldn't ctrl+alt+delete or turn it off with the power button, so I used the restart button, and it turned off, but wouldn't boot again. Whenever I try to boot up, it flashes four (not three) red LEDs then goes dead. Does this mean my CPU is dead? I tried resetting the CMOS and it till didn't boot. Is there anything I can do that would make my (2 month old) CPU and mobo work?
  3. I'm getting dual-channel issues, and none of the reccomendations in this thread have helped :mad:. I have my RAM (2*512MB of "Value VX") in slots 1 & 2 now, so i can at least use all of it. DFI reccomends using slots 2 & 4 for overclocking, so I feel sort of angry right now that I can't use a feature that should help my overclock (just got the system up this week, so I haven't actually had much time to tweak it yet). If anyone knows of anything else that will help, please post. Thank you.
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