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  1. me neither, but TBH I am yet to see of any m/b with any bios not supporting the oppies (unless the bios is pre E4 / E6 of course) Altho I guess if any did, it'd be this m/b :nod:
  2. They won't "officially" support it , but they work 100% ( 7/11 bios) and pretty sure they boot right outta the box bios too
  3. A few oppies have had probs with the IHS having poor contact with the core. mine used to idle at 38ish, and load at 55 - 59ish :eek: (on a very nice h2o loop) So i promptly removed the IHS, and now idle at 33ish, and load at nothing over 39 - 40 This is all at 3ghz BTW
  4. I wanna double check the vcore on my board, I have searched here and XS but can't seem to find any guides to which points to use as a reading. Anybody know please? TA
  5. I have a NF3 ultra D and a 3000+ Venice. After ironing out all the issues with the ultra D (and my, there are many) I'm now giving it a good running in. I currently have it stable at 270 X 9, which is ok i think with the new venice's not clocking too brightly, with them mem on a divider (I have 2 X 1 Gig). no probs. I am currently looking at the rather nice 939 oppies, and so am tring to find my boards top HT. I just can't seem to get the bugger to post at all at anything over 275 HT, nothing, just no post, having to reset cmos. (dropped multi to 8 & even tried 7 BTW) i have tried upping the chipset as i have heard the DFI likes that, tried diff vcores, you name it. I haven't fiddled with the ram really, as ATM it is actually being slightly underclocked with the divider. Does anyone have any tips for hitting higher HT with this board please? I was hoping for around 290 - 300, but thinking it might not happen now TIA
  6. Another person this has helped, a great workaround, thanks this was the last bug i had to iron out of this board (after buying a whole new gfx card for it )
  7. Yeah but he is still refering to the intermitant problem, not a full blown crash. And no need to huff and puff I use 66.93 drivers as standard, also tried the ones shipped with BF2, and just tried 78.01 (newest on nvidias site) and tried 71.89 & 75.90's as recommended, but TBH I'm not too sure this is a driver issue, seems to be an inherint hardware clash, just highly annoying.
  8. nah its not the old stuttering, I had that when I had the 754 nf3 dfi and pretty much solved that. This is full blown full freezng, forcing reboot.
  9. Quick update, managed to flash to newest bios, but still crashes in games. Dunno if i can be bothered anymore and may change to the neo 2 I have sitting on my shelf. Any ideas what may be causing this? nothing on search, and i'm flat outta ideas. Ta
  10. You usually do when changing motherboards, especially if the chipsets differ.
  11. I was refering to the "Please download the following BIOS according to your motherboard version where applicable." and then the "PCB Revision A" above the bios's, just sounds as if there should be a rev B. Ok anhows, I have figured that the prob isn't the m/b, well....it is, but its because of my 6800GT. The Gfx card is not at all faulty, but it doesnt seem to run in this m/b. I have had other cards working perfectly in the board, and the card working perfectly on other boards. So I am now trying newest bios flash to see if it cures the probs (locking in games, accompanied by looping sound and fuzzy screen) but I can't get the flipping board to find my FDD. Tried it in another comp, as well as new cable, and its enabled in bios..... weird one this. Any ideas please?
  12. revision 2.0 I meant.. http://www.cpucityshop.co.uk/product_info....f70427c0b66f325 rev 2 mean nowt i take it? Also on bios update page it specifically states diff revisions, so i just assumed..
  13. I have a ultra D, supposidly the "b" revision (which there are no bois updates as the issues are supposed to be fixed) I'm having a few probs with the board (nasty crashing during games) and am starting to think I may have a rev A. where do I check please? I have scoured the board but not much on it. Is it by the bios battery? Thanks
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