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  1. Well I lowered my OC a bit and things seem to have stabilized. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Nothing has changed in my ex-stable OCd system except for changing my vidoe card drivers quite a few times. My PC will function for days, without issue, and then exhibit this strange behavior. Since my system is watercooled, the temperatures(under load) on the core (35c) and video cards (48c), so I do not think that heat is an issue. I have fans on the ram, etc. So I am left scratching my head, trying to figure out what the problem might be, since it is so unpredictable. Thanks.
  3. I have two of these boards and have not encountered any dead hardware yet. But I do have a couple of PC Power and Cooling PSUs.
  4. The first board I had to RMA, but the second one, and tweaking the Strength settings have allowed me to OC the board to just shy of 2.9. This is with 4gigs of RAM.
  5. I just RMAd one board and will have the replacement today. If I experience the same issues, I will just stick with the SLI-DR for now, and see what happens around the various forums. I want to move to this board because of the modified layout for SLI, so the northbridge fan is not in the way, but time will tell. Remember the old adage: Fooled me once, shame on you; fooled me twice, shame on me.
  6. Now the system will not boot with 2 sticks of ram. I tested all four sticks of ram, in the first orange slot, and the system booted without issue. As soon as I add a second stick, in the orange slots, the motherboard stops with the three LED diagnostic lights. I even attempted booting with the yellow slots with the same results. Makes me wonder if the issue lies with the memory and slots, or if the CPU is having trouble. EDIT: I have switched back to my SLI-DR board and will be RMAing the Expert. Everything is running fine with the older board, so I think the Expert was FUBAR, since I could not OC the thing even a bit.
  7. No. Everything boots and runs fine, provided I run it at stock speed, using the same memory timings and voltages from the prior setup.
  8. On the Lanparty SLI-DR I was able to OC 11x267, HTT = 4, 2T 3-4-4-9, with volts at 1.45 CPU, 2.8 RAM. Only thing that changed was the mobo and trying anything but stock, results in various BSODs, or plain old freezing. Using the E704-BT2 BIOS and now I am stumped that any form of OCing just will not take. Any ideas? Thank you.
  9. The USB ports on the back of the PC work without issue, but the USB pins on the board disappear. I have a Mitsumi 7-in-1 drive properly connected to the pins, because the XP Pro x64 will see them sometimes. I have moved the connector between the four USB connectors and the drive is recognized. After rebooting the system, the card readers disappear. The A: drive functions regardless. I also experimented one time by deleting the USB tree, and the OS found the drive again, but turning the system off/or rebooting loses the drives.
  10. Same problem with Diamond and Copperhead. Does not happen all the time, but sometimes reboots fail to see the mouse, even though power is being provided to the mouse. Updating the drivers and firmware did not resolve this problem.
  11. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...&highlight=mimo Turn on MMIO in the bios, but XP w/SP2, will not recognize 4 gigs.
  12. Is it enabled in the BIOS? I have a DR board that the Marvell port does not work.
  13. I know you say it is not OCed, but it sounds like an OC issue with the memory, and the timings. Does your PSU have a 24 pin connector? The only time I get the freezes is when the system is OCed to high or the memory timings need tweaking. Have you posted your problem over on the Corsair board? Link
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