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  1. As I wrote in my post, I have changed the timings to 2T: That is 2T. Anything else I can do?
  2. Hi, I'm pretty new to overclocking. I bought computer about a year ago, meant to over clock, started a bit with no luck, and gave up. Now, I've decided to try again (because I just bought a new nVidia 7900 GTO ), but with no luck. I've tried following the overclocking guide in the sticky in this forum, but no luck - I can't even boot to windows with anything. I mean, I would at least expect it to get to windows at 210 instead of 200, but nope. So, I've decided I need some help from the experts . My system is as follows: LANPARTY NF4 Ultra-D with 704-bta2 bios AMD 64 3800+ Venice 2GB OCZ Platinum Rev 2 3200 (4x512mb) ATI Radeon X800XL (for now, the 7900 GTO will arrive soon) Audigy 2 ZS PCI Maxtor 6Y160P0 160GB ATA133 Seagate ST3300831A 250GB ATA100 My mem settings are as recommended in this thread: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....143&postcount=2 with the exception of CPC, which is set to disable because I am using all 4 slots. As I said, I can't get to even 210 following the guide. I've tried lowering the ram according to the settings recommended in a different OCZ thread: http://www.bleedinedge.com/forum/showpost....074&postcount=7 and then lower the DRAM to 100, and then follow the guide, but still no go. Any tips on how to even start?
  3. *bump* I really want to get this damn pc up and running. Anyone?
  4. Yeah, I cleared it for about 5-6 mins, and then tried booting with those settings. No go
  5. Oh, and when I tried Andy's settings, those were exactly the same ones I tried.
  6. I just tried your settings. No go. One thing is wierd though. One stick will auto at 2-3-2-5, but the other will auto at 3-3-3-6. They both pass memtests fine at 2-2-2-5 though.
  7. I have a new Enermax EG565P-VE 24pin. It's rated at 530 watt. I should be enough. I hooked up all the power connecters. I actually didn't clear the cmos, so I'll try that. And I have had no errors in memtest.
  8. Update on my problem: Still no go. As per Andy from OCZ's instructions, I tried some other settings, and flashed with 510-3. But it still won't load with both sticks. I have a new PSU, so I can be sure that the PSU isn't the problem. Can anyone save me? My poor pc is sitting there, just waiting to be used, and I refuse to finish assembling it until both sticks work. Please? Anyone?
  9. Just tried the settings Sharp offered... no go. I'll try disabling the onboard stuff for now. Yes, all 4 plugs are connected. I also ran memtests on both sticks for 7 hours each; not even one error. I sent some emails to the OCZ guys here, I hope they'll answer. The sound card isn't even plugged in yet.
  10. Oh, and about the cpu... I don't think that's it. At the beginning, I thought that the problem was with my cpu being too new, and I went to a friends place and had his cpu inside. He has a 3500+ Winchester I think, and the board still wouldn't boot with both sticks.
  11. Well, my sticks to get very hot. But I haven't had even one succesful boot with both of them plugged in, no matter what slot I put the other ram in. I tried all sorts of settings. Don't think I tried these though. I'll try them when I get home. Oh, and I did try increasing the memory voltage, all the way up to 3.1volts
  12. OK, just checked the memory sticks with memtest. They both boot fine, and both pass at least one mem test fine (don't have time to do more, got to go to work soon). One wierd thing, is that one stick is detected as 2-3-5, and one is detected as 3-3-5. The sticks came as a dual channel pair, so the should be the same. Any tips on how to get the board to boot up with both of them?
  13. I also want to be sure I am ordering a good PS for my system. Here are the other stuff in my computer besides the stuff in my sig: Seagate Barracuda 7200.8 300GB IDE UltraATA/100 Maxtor 160GB 7200 UltraATA/133 LG-GSA4163B 16xDVD-RAM Pioneer 106 16xDVD I also have 6 Sunon fans in my case, that use regular Molex connecters. Would a TruePower Blue 480watt be enough for this setup?
  14. Yep, both sticks are in the orange slots. BTW, my bios is the 3/10 one. Would upgrading to a newer bios help?
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