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  1. i wanted to get vc -re evercool but the store had something called vc-rd would this be any diffrent then the vc-re version
  2. hard to find the VC-RE wondering if this [email=http://www.xoxide.com/iceberq.html]http://www.xoxide.com/iceberq.html[/email] would fit just likethe evercool and ownt bother any pci-e cards
  3. is this the latest nvidia lan driver if not wats the newst driver version Driver Provider : Nvidia Driver Date: 11/24/2004 Driver Version :
  4. yea my NVIDIA LAN port on the mb is slow and when running bitcomet it disconnects and reconnects every now and then
  5. well i went into bios and cleared it and its back to stock now.. time to try overclocking the cpu
  6. i just checked cpuz and seems that my cpu core speed droped was stock at 1.8ghz
  7. i took tmod advise and i installed #1 from OCZTony and it sucsessfully installed but when i restarted it came with an error ddint take note of it but it mentioned something about cpu voltage or sumtin like that but when i come across it again i will post until then great flashing tool :angel:
  8. no prob i jsut woke up cant think .. but which number would be the best to flash with out of the 4
  9. sounds good i might end up ordering this http://www.ncix.com/products/index.php?sku...anufacture=eVGA
  10. yea im starting not to like ati that much because it gets overthrown by nvidia cards
  11. Does Newegg ship to canada?? + its USD price
  12. Im planning on getting a new video card under 300$ budget and The Nvidia XFX GeForce XXX Edition 6800GS looks like its the bang for the buck around my area i found this too be the cheapest price XFX GeForce 6800 GS But i Got a Hookup with some1 who works at ATI who can get me a Brand New X1800XL For 250$ :cool: both are basically the same price and wanted to know which would be a better deal
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