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  1. That CPU should be able to handle at least 2.6 with stock HSF. 2.783 is very likely indeed.
  2. Well.... I had a similar issue. What are your volts? Startup? VID? Memory?
  3. I read the rules. I apologize for not getting it right the first post. I was working on getting it cleaned up. Unfortunately, I have been busy with the kids, so I couldn't get it all posted at once. I should have asked if it was ok to post in pieces before I started. Sorry about the post. It just takes 3 days to get this thing done. I will get all of the images in line and post again some other time. Thanks again. Sorry for the malformed post.
  4. I am using the stock HSF and 1.5v VID. It is Prime95 and SuperPi stable as well. I have a week 16 3000+ and TwinMos memory at 3.1vdimm 225mhz 2-3-3-8 1t. I am completely satisfied. Can you believe people spend more than $160 when they don't have to?
  5. I tried using the yellow slots with my UTT memory but they would not give me any volts beyond 2.7. There were errors in SuperPI and MemTest. I moved them to the orange slots and all is well. They are working up to 3.2v now.
  6. I noticed you have very loose timings on your memory killswitch. What volts are you giving it, or should I say, NOT giving it. I have UTT memory and bought it so I could get 2-2-2 1t at 3.2vdimm. I am not there yet, but I hear it is common. Did you come to the conclusion you didn't need it? You settling for 2500mhz with dividers? I never settle. LOL I am still trying to push the system. I am about to switch back to the Orange slots and see if that helps my voltage. The memory doesn't like any volts beyond 2.7v. I don't know why yet.
  7. After consideration, that is what I did as well. I like it - in theory. I just want to make sure my favorite programs continue to run. I am not having any issues yet. I don't have any weird hardware to support, so it is just fine. I am having a separate issue with my memory not liking ANY additional volts in the bios I am using now (510-2 Hellfire). Strange. I am going to switch slots and see what that turns up.
  8. My first NeoPower 480 went bye-bye and burned up. It filled the house with ozone fumes and made me sick. Nasty! The news there is that it was on a different motherboard (P4G8X w/Northwood). I traced the issue to a CD/RW drive that went bananas. It was drawing a crazy amount of wattage and the damn thing just kept rebooting my system for like an hour- it wouldn't shut down. I took the 480 back and got another one. This one worked fine and is powering my Ultra-D now without any problems. It is quiet and cool with no fluctuation on voltage. The dual rails are nice to have IMO. It is really a nice PSU.
  9. Get them here. Direct download link: http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/F6_NF4Rx64.exe I think that should do it for you. Let me know.
  10. Ok. Who has x64 installed? I am installing it today and would like a place we can bounce our issues around at eachother. Is there a sticky somewhere? I have an Ultra-D personally and would like to see it go smoothly. Does anyone have any horror stories yet?
  11. Officially doing well. Tell your friends to download it here . Post this link in your favorite forums: http://home.no/trac3r/Bios/DFI.LANPARTY.NF...10-XCEL2-LL.rar
  12. Power your PC off. Unplug it. Remove the CMOS battery and leave it out for 15 minutes. Before you put the battery back in, remove one stick of memory from the board (make sure only one stick is plugged in) Put the battery back in and plug in your pc. Turn it back on and voila.... or not. Good luck!
  13. If you need a PC for your business, have one for your business. Don't overclock it. And make sure you have it mirrored and on a UPS for Pete's sake. Maybe I don't understand your tone, but are you actually mad at DFI for your mistake? I can't believe it. I know you feel like you should be able to shoot yourself and not die, but come on! If you overclock, you void your warranty. It is that simple. As with any system, something could go wrong and damage components even if you aren't overclocking. It happens all the time. You really should have bought a Dell PowerEdge system with Platinum support if you wanted that level of service. They have 4 hour hardware replacement for mission critical machines.
  14. I will keep you posted on what I find. How are nVidia's drivers for the NF4? No issues, eh?
  15. 2.8v is not going to get you there with the VX modules. They need more than 3.2v to get purring. Try 3.0 to start. I don't think I ever booted my CH-5 with less than 2.9v. There won't be a problem with heat if you have at least one good exhaust fan in your case.
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