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  1. thanks for the qick answers, going to take a look at the g.skills
  2. hi there, i want to switch my 4x512 geil ultra-x for 2 1GB modules, so i can use 1T and get a better overclock. which ram would you guys suggest me to buy? thanks in advance...
  3. thanks for the advices, i'll try it tomorrow. what would be an appropriate voltage for running the 4200 at 2500, 2600?
  4. hi there, i'm quite new to overclocking and i need some help in overlocking my 4200 a little. i know it's a problem, that i have 4 mem sticks, but i don't want to get a huge overclock. by simply upping the fsb to 215 i can get a stable 2366 mhz without loosening the ram timings. when i go beyond 220 fsb i get random freezes in windows. could sombody help me to get my machine stable at lets say 2450 to 2500 mhz without frying it? what voltages, timings etc... thanks in advance... basti
  5. hi threre, just installed my brand new x-i extreme music on my nf4 ultra-d without any problems at all. i might have been lucky to get an updated one. like Dcoggs' card it shares irq with my vid card, but i didn't have any problems gaming so far. gonna try switching the pci slot so it gets its own irq. is there a way to force an irq to a certain pci slot in the bios? i was able to do it on one of my older mobos. anyway this card sounds great, especially compared to the onboard crap. i hope you people having problems get it fixed soon...
  6. thanks for your answer, just looked at the temps of the people in this board and many have their temps in overclocked system at full load about 42 or some. thought mine should be cooler then.
  7. hi everyone, i wonder if my cpu temps on my venice 3800 are too high. from my MBM5 readings it idles at 37°, at full load it has about 48°, sounds quite high to me. no overclock or anything, at stock voltage. i use a arctic freezer 64 and AS5 thermal paste. tried remounting it 2 times but it didn't change anything. by the way i read in the installation manual for the freezer 64, that it is more efficient when mounted vertically, but i don't know how this should work, 'cause i can't rotate the retention module. anybody done this before? thanks in advance
  8. no, changed them already and they're working well within windows, so i guess it's a driver problem. think i gonna try installing the nvidia SW drivers and see if it makes any differences. thanks for the answer
  9. hi there, i have a very strange problem and i don't have a clue how to solve it. it started a week ago, i booted my computer and after the xp splash screen the monitor stayed black, rebooted, same thing. after a couple of times i took out a cd out of my dvd-rw, tried again and it worked. i tried a lot of times it doesn't matter what kind of media i insert in any of my two drives the monitor will stay black, as soon as i take it out it'll boot normally. didn't install any new driver or anything, but i guess it has something to do with the ide drivers. any suggestions for this irritating problem? thanks in advance
  10. the pic from oliveryochest shows the IDE channels handled by the nvidia SW drivers. it looked like this before i uninstalled those drivers to get the microsoft ones back. with nvidia drivers: NVida nForce4 Parallel ATA Controller NVida nForce4 Serial ATA Controller NVida nForce4 Serial ATA Controller with Microsoft drivers should look like this (the way i want it): Standard 2-Channel IDE Controller Primary IDE Channel secondary IDE Channel my device manager looks like this: Standard 2-Channel IDE Controller Standard 2-Channel IDE Controller Standard 2-Channel IDE Controller Primary IDE Channel Primary IDE Channel Primary IDE Channel secondary IDE Channel secondary IDE Channel secondary IDE Channel when i try to uninstall the extra channels they get autodetected and cause trouble. i can't use the nvidia drivers 'cause some of my programs won't work then. thanks for trying to help me.
  11. thanks for the quick answer, but i don't think i get what you're saying. do you mean, that if once the nforce ide drivers are installed i can't revert to the microsoft ones?
  12. hi there, i just reinstalled windows set up every software i need and then noticed i accidently installed the nvidia SW drivers, which caused quite a lot trouble in my last system (couldn't play battlefield 2 for example). so, i uninstalled the SW drivers and here's what happened: windows detected 3 times every controller on the board, which ended me up in having 3 standard pci ide controllers, 3 primary channels etc. and i just can't get rid of them. wouldn't be a big problem for me, if the system would act normally, but now i have serious cpu usage problems. when burning or copying files i get close to 100%. looked up each channel (really all of them) to check whether they're running in PIO but it was in the right UDMA mode. any suggestions how to solve this problem without having to reinstall everything? thanks in advance
  13. hi there, thanks for all the answers. ok, i checked the lable and it says PN1243, does it mean UTT or BH-5 now?
  14. hi, i don't own a stacker case, but i have the same wires for the front audio. when i connect it like it is in the manuals of my dfi, or the cases manual i only get sound on one ear. so i guess the return only works on one channel. when i got you right, i would have to put the return right into pin 3 instead of 6, and return left into pin 10. then i have a problem, because my return left and right are actually on one plug !! any suggestions please? sebastian
  15. do you mean the chips itself, or the sticks? i'm not at home right now, but i'll check tonight.
  16. hi loc.o, what do you mean by PN1234 ? like i said, i read that they come with either tccd or winbond, look here for example: http://www.insanetek.com/index.php?page=ge...pc3200winbond_1 or are there tccd or winbonds given out as UTTs? i'm confused
  17. hi there, first off, thanks to the 5/10-2 bios my system runs superstable. i had some trouble with bsods with the 3/10 bios when running games. i'm new to overclocking and a little afraid of doing wrong. so my question is: i read that Geil used to build their ultra-x series with tccd chips, but recently switched them for winbonds BH-5. i asked their support wether there is a serial number after that only BH-5 were used, but they couldn't answer my question. is there a way to find out what kind of chips i have, without removing the heatspreaders and voiding my guaranty? thanks in advance, sebastian
  18. thanks for your answers. i don't think this problem can ne fixed by another driver since the errors are visible on the first bootscreen and in the bios. no driver should be loaded then. guess i gonna RMA the card.
  19. hi there, just build my new machine (see specs below) and everything was fine, got nice 3dmarks2005, no crashes at all. but after some hours i noticed pink and some green dots on the screen. i rebooted and the boot screen showed the same errors. i read in a thread that some people had a similar problem with their bfgs on LCD screens. well i use 2 normal monitors via dvi-vga adapters, so this explaination does'nt fit really. now i wonder is my videocard crappy or are there compatibility issues with the mainboard. no overclocking, connected all powercords. i don't know anyone with a pci-x system, so i can't test the videocard. any suggestions, please? sebastian amd64 3800 venice 4x 512mb GEIL ultra-x Club3D 6800 GT DFI NF4 UT Ultra-D Tagan 480W
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