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  1. What TCCD can do CAS 2.0 at 270Mhz?No one Even 275Mhz
  2. I can only confirm that the new Geil Ultra PC4000 is awesome.ATM i'm running Prime stable those at 270 Mhz 2-3-3-7 1T
  3. Ok i was together with AragornCY when he build his system and i can notice that the board without any hardware (except CPU,VGA and one stick of memory)reaches DFI Expert start screen and freezzing right there.Wasn't posssible to enter the BIOS.When we swap the board with his SLI-DR the system worked like charm. We connected all power connectors according with the manual. p.s.I will add also that when i switched off the system can't be switched on at least 4-5 minutes. I suppose this forum is for helping users not blaming them
  4. Same problem with Expert board here-when only one LED lit all fans connected to motherboard stops(including chipset fan)and the system not post.The board is never installed.Using the PSU in the sig
  5. Mine also restarts when browsing and at idle -the voltages is 100% stable and CPU temp is 24 C idle and 31 C at full load-same issues at 2800Mhz(10x280) and 2200Mhz (11x200) All power connectors are plugged.No BSOD-the memory can run perfect at 300Mhz 2.5-3-3-7 1T.Priming without errors at 9x300-details in the sig
  6. Dead CPU-tested on two other boards :sad: The thread can be locked ......
  7. ATM i'm writing from same system but Winchester CPU :confused: edit:before installing i've loaded optimized defaults and the CPU(Opty 148) have same multiplier like Winnie 3500+.I thought that Opteron s.939 are supported CPU's :dog:
  8. Hello i just installed new Opteron 148 in my socket and the CPU maybe is not detected.Alll four diagnostic lit like Christmass tree I'm using BIOS version 704 BT which works fine with my current Winnie Any suugestions pls Regards Ian
  9. Today i've installed Venice E6 3200+ CPU and four Geil One S (TCCD) modules and i noticed that the system can't hit over 240HTT(memory also-i don't use dividers) at 2.5-3-3-7 2T.When using two modules the one kit reaches 292Mhz 1T stable and the other 306Mhz 1T stable at mentioned timings. I will appreciate your help Thank you
  10. Ok problem resolved-the little Venice E6(bad clocker) ran the memory 100% stable 306Mhz 2.5-3-3-7 1T SuperPi 32M.So the old Winnie got bad IMC
  11. At TRCD-4 is stable all the way but i'm fighting for 3 But this score is with my old FX-55 which i sold last month I hope the little Venice will perform better
  12. Alright memtest clear of errors at 300Mhz 2.5-3-3-7 1T at least 10 loops -played too much with Genie settings and finaly 300Mhz but..... windows?This is some other question.Can't run SuperPi over 292Mhz.Seems the stupid IMC can't handle those timings over 292Mhz or my mobo is failing edit:strange 8x300 still getting memtest errors but 9x300 is clear.My CPU can run prime stable up to 2.75Ghz on air
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