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  1. Sorry for kicking it up...but I can t seem to find a solution/the device that is causing te problem: is it a bad/dead mobo or a bad/dead PSU? or? Crash
  2. lol....it aint mine...I just used an ordinairy paperclip. Which I sticked into the same pins on the ATX controler: wat reaction do I have to get from the PSU? fan action? (strange enough it worked one time before when everything was outside the case: inside it refused to work. Does burning LEDs on the mobo indicate a working PSU? Crash btw: thanks for thinking with me!
  3. I aso did a cmos reset...didn t help either. Is the PSU defect or the mobo? or what could it be?
  4. I just did a "jump start" used this picture . But I still got no PSU fans running: does that have to be the case? Crash
  5. Well, I just did..and with no succes. Same problems...The PSU fan's aren t running (ok?) and when I put my ear right next to it I hear a very soft ticking. It s now in exactely the same situation as before and now it refuses to start (no fans running either): like the "in case situation". Help me please! Crash
  6. I checked all the connections (again) and they are fine. I have only the mobo and the videocard connected. (+mouse, keyboard and monitor) I installed the standoffs.....they are only available in one size. I installed all the nessesary standoffs, but I didn t all fasten them with screws: just a test setting now: have to do some cable management later. Thanks for giving some pointers...but no solution so far
  7. Thanks y'all sofar! I used the EZ touch power switch to turn it one and it started: went to BIOS and loaded optimized defaults...saved and turned it off. Next step was to build the motherboard into the PC case (coolermaster centurion 5). I installed exactely the same setup as running outside the case. And now when I turn on the PSU (without pressing the EZ touch power swith) the RAM en the power LED on the motherboard are on, but the system doesn t start anymore. Any suggestions? Crash Edit: changed 1 thing: removed the audiomodule because it wouldn fit in my case otherwise.
  8. Hi, I ve read the FAQ but can t find an answer so hope thsi will work. I started building my first PC and followed the "manual" posted in a topic in this forum (by ed?). Anyway, I have a few questions about connecting the power suply (tagan 420): Photo 1 -->I have to connect 4 power cables to the mainbord (as stated in the "manual"). I alread connected 3 of them, I guess the last one is the 4 pins connector below the 24 pins power connector but I don t know what connector to use: I have a blue one which seems to fit with P4 on it...is this the one? Photo 2 -->this seems to me like a ground cable. I first want to let the sytem boot a few times outside the case: where do I connect this one temporary? (the central heating system?) Photo 3 -->photo 1 in detail Hope someone can give a hand! It s appreciated. Crash
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