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  1. Haven't had a beefy enough power supply to try and swap out. I may take a 400W home today from work and try it though...Just to see if it will power up...I am going to order a S12-600 from newegg that I should have tomorrow. I thought about the OCZ but heard it was real loud, which my PCP&C 510 is already. Thanks for the input and keep it coming...Will post results when I get home later... Y2J
  2. Guys, I am having a problem getting my PC to POST on a cold boot. When I hit the power button to turn on power the PC gets hung at the 2 LED stage and get no video and PC does not appear to boot. This just started happening recently after I switch the system from my CM stacker to an Antec P180 and then back again to the stacker, althought it had happened a couple of times before. The strange thing is that I can get it to post when I hit the reset button when it is stuck at the 2 LED stage. This works consistently. I have tried the 510, 6/23 and 7/2 bios' with no luck. I did have a strange occurance for a little bit last night where the power light would flash and I would get stuck at 3 LED's, but a long CMOS clear fixed that. Any ideas if this 2 LED problem is with my mobo or video card? I may pick up a different brand mobo and cheap PCI-Ex graphics card tonight and see if I still have problems. Thanks, Y2J One Note, I did try an old Diamond Stealth PCI graphics card and it worked fine, no POST issues.