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  1. never mind it was a freaking cricket!!! under my comp, hahahahaha
  2. ok, just this morning my computer started making noises like a cricket... its really weird, and as soon as i put my head beside it to see waht it is the noise stops... anyone experienced something like this?
  3. hmm im not sure, its resolved now, i was just wondering if there was a way to prevent it from happening again
  4. ok so today i lost internet access... "network connections" said i was still connected but nothin worked, so i looked around here on my old comp and tried resinstalling the drivers, it works now but i was wondering what could have caused this so i can not do it again...
  5. im gonna be honest i have no clue waht you did there, looks killer though
  6. ok from what i understand this could mean huge trouble... i have a window in my case (well currently just a hole were the plexi will go) but during boot up the cpu fan doesnt spin, then just after post it does a bunch of 1/4 turns at like 1/2 second intervals until i log onto windows then it goes full speed. this really freaked me out a couple times and i was jumping for the powerbutton everytime... should i be worried about this and how do i fix it?
  7. hi, smartgaurdian is reporting a fluctuating voltage of 11.64 back and forth to 11.71 on the 12+v... is this ok? running dfi nf3 250gb and a Fortron Blue STorm 500W thx
  8. ok thanks, it was there, i origionnally looked briefly and didnt see it cause it was hidden behind the power cable, thanks for the help
  9. hey, sorry to post about this here but BENQ is being no help at all and everyone here seems to know weverything so ill give it a shot i have a BENQ FP767 monitor but there is two drivers for it on the cd FP767V2 and FP767-12 i know the -12 one is for a monitor with a 12ms response rate, but i dont know what the v2 means or how to tell which monitor i have, is there a way to test my response rate to see if it is 12 ms? thanks for the help if anyone can
  10. dam i said no cause it said it would mess up my computer, i wonder how i can install it now?
  11. ok im installing off the nf3 cd v.0.001 and i chose not to install the ide drivers like that link said, i lieft the others checked, now it is giving me an error saygin that the nforce audio codec interface did not pass the windows logo test to verify its compatibility with windows.. waht do i do
  12. that looks perfect, however i have the nf3 250gb will that make a difference?
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