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  1. Sorry for posting this twice but I need an answer quickly before I have to leave work and I am afraid other people won't see it in the original thread. I downloaded the driver File "NF4w2k666e.zip" from DFI website. When I try to unzip it I get a message that states "Please insert the last disk of the Multi-Volume set and click enter to continue". I desperately need my computer up and running at home and cannot proceed without the driver files.
  2. UT-OHH! File NF4w2k666e.zip is the file I assume I need. When I try to unzip it I get a message that states "Please insert the last disk of the Multi-Volume set and click enter to continue".
  3. Thank you for all the suggestions. RGONE thank you for your email.
  4. I just re-installed Windows Xp and can't seem to find my motherboard install CD. I can't get online because the network won't work without a driver. Can you point me to a link for the neccessary downloads so I can get back online?
  5. I am sorry for being ignorant but at what point in flashing the BIOS would I get to a CMD line to type that in, assuming I am using TMODS CD?
  6. One of my memory sticks is bad. I kept getting random cold boots and other problems. I ran Memtest86 from the BIOS and I got a bunch of errors (both sticks were in) I tried a single stick and ran the memtest for an hour with no errors. I tried to put the other stick in and the computer won't even POST. I am going to call OCZ today and see about getting a replacement. Since I know they don't make BH-5 anymore, what chips should I be asking for considering my mobo? I paid a premium for this RAM and don't want it replaced by something cheep. Does anyone have any advice on getting OCZ to replace a bad memory module?
  7. OK I will give that a try. I can't even spell Illinois let alone live there. No I live in California. I flashed to it already but I have a checksum error and I have some questions about instructions I took from another thread. In order not to ask the same question in two different threads, if you will be so kind, please see my other thread in this section.
  8. I have tmods cd but it flashed to a 2005 BIOS. I was sure there have been newer bioses released and was not sure why it was not on his cd.
  9. Why is everyone suggesting not to use the Winflash utility? Is there factual information that says it is bad or is this just wive's tales and paranoia?
  10. I just flashed my BIOS with the CD. I got a BIOS from 2005 though. Isn't there any 2006 BIOS avable?
  11. The problem with your suggestion as it relates to my problem is 1) the owner's manual is vary old. And hardly takes into consideration BIOS revisions and kinks that end users have worked out. The other thing is, my system has been running stable for more then a year. But as I have asked this information in another thread, I will wait until I upgrade my PSU before I go any further with the Cold Boot issue. The only help I am going to be looking for now, until I upgrade the PSU is about which BIOS I should be using and why my case mounted front slot USB slots don't work. Thanks for all the help.
  12. I appreciate your help. I forgot that I also added the 400 gig WD drive since first building my system. I think I am going to take your advice and buy a new PSU. Are the OCZ PSU's any good or should I stick to Antec?
  13. All of those power connectors are connected. This system has been running fine at 2.7 for more then a year. The only real change was an upgrade from 6800 GT to 7900 GT KO card. I have thought that I might need better PSU but as far as quality, isn't the Antec Neo 480 good enough? Maybe the additional strain of the upgraded video card has caused these problems. Questions.... 1. Should I be using the Oscar 7.02 -2 BIOS? 2. Do both RAM slots have Dual Channel capabilities? I had been using the yellow due to having BH-5, but I am now using the Orange and it actually seems to be doing better. 3. I am sure I have an older BIOS, so if the Oscar 7.02 -2 is not what I should upgrade to, what other one?
  14. So I am being a good guy and using the search function. My MoBo is doing the same thing. I have to reseat the RAM in order to get it to boot and that does not always work. Sometimes just leaving it over night works. Is this "COLD BOOT"? Does it matter which slots my RAM is in? I know when I was building this system I had to use the Yellow slots for the dual channel. Do newer BIOS version make it not neccessary to use a specific colored slot? Nobody answered this guy, I hope someone will answer me.
  15. Should I use the yellow slots or the orange slots? For some strange reason, when I have a problem and have to restart the computer, I get a single long beep beofe the computer even has a chance to POST. I think this is RAM related. I have to reseat the RAM in order to get it to start. Can anyone tell me what is going on?
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