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  1. Well... this is the end result: Asus K8N-E (new mobo) 3200+ Newcastle 2x512kb OCZ Gold PNY 7600GS (New vid card) No name 420w PSU (spare) Now it runs. I took the original rig out the case and tested it outside. I noticed the fan on the FX5700XT wasn't running... it was before when I started working on this rig. I swapped vid cards and it started right up. I wonder if the old K8N-E Deluxe is ok after all, but I couldn't make it go. Oh well... more stuff to play with. Thanks all for the input.
  2. Well... I am stumped. New board, 420 PSU, 3700+ CPU, still no POST. New board, X-connect, 3200+, still not POST. No POST has nothing to do with HDD or memory, right? I am using one stick until I figure out what it is. I am going to take memmory from another computer and use it, in case that is the problem. I cannot have 3 different CPUs and 2 different boards be bad.
  3. I have not worked on this computer as it is a spare, but I am to recieve a new board today. Will try it with the same PSU and a spare, no name 420w and see what happens. More news at 11....
  4. Let me give you some stats on the system in question: Asus KN8E- Deluxe Socket 754 Athlon 64 3200+ Newcastle with Thermaltake Venus Cooling solution 2x512 kb OCZ Gold 1 120 Gb Seagate HDD IDE 1 LiteOn DVD/CD RW Leadtek FX5900XT Ultra X-Connect 500W PSU This system was up and running and it was left unattended for 2 to 3 hours. Upon return the system would not come out of blank screen (the screensaver option) when mouse was moved or keys pressed on the keyboard. Upon restart, no video signal (monitor idiot light remains blinking), and HDD cannot be heard spinning. Things done to it: 1. 3 known to be good CPUs have been tested with same results 2. Alternate the removal of mem sticks, still no boot. 3. Changed video cards, still no boot. 4. Removed HDD and tried booting from floppy. No dice. 5. Checked voltages on PSU, all nominal. Board is getting juice. I am inclined to believe the board is toast, but if I have forgot to test something, please let me know. I am frustrated and can't think clearly on this one.
  5. It didn't work anyway. I The NVRAID controller wouldn't take the single and the array, so I activated the SIL for the array. It worked like a charm... until one of the drives failed. I'm not buying refurbished drives ever again! This is for a gaming computer, so a 74Gb Raptor for the OS and a 150Gb for programs should be more than enough.
  6. And talking about how many drives.... could it be possible to run a single SATA drive and 2 as a RAID-0 array on the same controller?
  7. Travis, check the Marketplace section, there is a "DFI" reference in the title of the first sticky. It should say "DYI" instead. Other than that, good to be back... lurking!!!
  8. Do you have the rad inside the case or outside? If inside, improve case airflow and flow across the rad. Also, I have found out that brand name rads are not as effective as heater cores. (How? Lots of observations from posts like yours) Another thing, what pump are you using? You sure you got proper flow? What size lines? You might be either moving water too fast (not enough time to transfer) or too slow (heat saturation). No kinks on the lines? Air purged from the rad and TDX?
  9. Its for a floppy, so the first option will do. Thanks a bunch!
  10. Not exactly a volt mod, but don't know where else to post it. I have seen molex to 3 pin (fan type), and molex to SATA, but is there a molex to floppy? If there is, please let me know where I can get it.
  11. Try this: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showpost.p...753&postcount=3
  12. Splinter Cell: Double Agent is Dual Core optimized.
  13. I'm pretty sure there is an option in the BIOS for USB2.0. Is it enabled?
  14. How did I fry them? I am still asking myself that same question. As for the ultimate fix, you said it yourself, I RMA the board (thanks Travis for all the help with that) and the CPU was still under store "warranty" so they just gave me a new one. So while I was waiting for the board, I went ahead and got me an Asus board and tested everything. No damage at all. Now I am running that same card, and another one in SLI. I have replace the chip with a 2x and the memory is installed in another DFI system.
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