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  1. I have installed a raid 0 array(windows xp pro in) with diskette raid utility v4.18. Its possible to update the raid utility with a newer version without destroing the array?
  2. I tried with NO overcloock, and the G.skill works alone, but them all together dont. Maybe is just the memory controller that suks, if i had money i'd buy an opteron 144.
  3. Anyone? I already tried using diferent slots, but the motherboard keeps beeping!
  4. Hi I already have two sticks of OCZ VX value Dual Channel (512 mb x 2). I bought recently some G.SKILL 2x512MB ZX SERIES DUAL CHANNEL PC3200, added that do my board, but bios can´t see them. They appear in CPU-Z but windows xp dont.
  5. thx, i already partitioned the array and worked
  6. as i said above, i already have windows installed in raid 0 array, i want to break the partition in 2.
  7. Hello ! Is possible after Windows XP installed in a Raid (0) array, to be partitioned (resized) using for example Partition Magic 8?
  8. My 3000 winnie is stable at 2400mhz (267ht * 9) , I'm using 1,40 volts for the cpu wich is the default. But in windows cpuz or cbid it gives me 1,376 volts, isn´t it supose to be 1,40?
  9. Thaks but .... Problem resolved :shake: , updated the Pcie card with the screen all messed up, it is still messed up but now it have the original sparkle bios. Tomorrow I'll take back the card to the shop and hope that they give a new one!
  10. I got today an old SiS Pci vga, because my Pci-E 6006gt have grafic corruption. Can i boot from my SiS card and update the Pci-E card with the original bios?
  11. I was thinking just about that but i don´t have one, i'l ask one of my friends.A thing i forgot to mention, in one of the restarts i look to the psu and the blue light that come from the switch is less intense the it was before, i replaced the psu with an 20 pin psu and i got the same results.
  12. Hi ! first post in here, hope you can help me I have an Ultra-D, Sparkle 6600GT, AMD 3000+, 1gb OCZ value dual channel and Revoltech Cromus psu. Yesterday i was playing CSource and the graphics starts being corrupted, and the machine got instable and restarts, then it got more error graphics and in tne boot the screen went all weird. Now it boot but imediatly it starts the graphic corruption, i can go to the bios but i cannot read because of the corruption. It's not from the ram because i replace with other, is it the psu or board or the grafic card? (the sparkle was never overclocked). Please help meeeeee Sorry for the my engrish :cool:
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