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  1. Marvell LAN driver: http://www.marvell.com/drivers/driverDispl...?dId=127&pId=27 SI 3114 SATA RAID driver: http://www.siliconimage.com/support/suppor...&ctid=2&osid=8& I'm not sure if the one with RAID 5 or the 0 1 10 only would be most appropriate. One has higher version number, the other has a more recent date. The mobo comes with (worthless) RAID 5 support, hence maybe that's the safest bet even if you're not going to use raid 5. I haven't tried any of these drivers yet.
  2. Okay, it works better than it did last time i tried it, but when I've been connected to P2P networks for several hours, I lose the ability to make new connections to anything, including websites. I've had this problem with (software) firewalls before, and AFAIK, there is no fix but to use a different firewall. Too bad, I was hoping to use the NVidia firewall with XP x64.
  3. It all depends on what you use your machine for, Afterburn. Some of us have sensitive data and paswords that we cannot afford to give to any script kiddie that manages to upload a trojan. And if you use your machine for work of any kind, a virus could be expensively disruptive. But to each his own.
  4. Thanks Ralphie, but it looks like if I turn that off, the firewall becomes unaware of anything at the application level. You mean firewall>advanced configuration>application>IAM, right? Is there a way to just turn off just the automatic pass for recognized aps?
  5. Sounds like coil whine. A web search will probably turn up some useful info on how to silence it.
  6. I like it so far too, Ralphie, though I wish there was a way to tell it to not automatically permit outbound traffic just because it recognizes the ap. Given microsofts penchant for releasting gloriously insecure code, I'd prefer to make these decisions myself.
  7. Silly me, I thought that if DFI built raid 5 support into a motherboard, they'd actually want it to be useful. Oh well. I'd probably have bought this board anyway. I'll be somewhat paranoid about DFI demoware when it's time for the next upgrade, though. Thanks NetMavrik and Angry for posting your experiences with this. At least I found out before I ordered the drives so I can select drives with raid 1 or raid 01 in mind. (As much fun as raid 0 x4 sounds, my luck with hardware hasn't been so good lately.) Martin, it looks like your Linux software solution handles raid 5 fairly well. How much of the CPU does it take to do that, and does the system stay responsive to input while raid 5 is grinding away?
  8. Avoiding tight bends is always a good idea becuase it gives you better coolant flow, but if there are some that you can't easily avoid, you can make your own "elbows" out of copper tubing. You can make very tight bends without kinking using an inexpensive tubing bender any hardware store should have. But don't make them any tighter than need be. The larger the radius of the bend, the better your flow will be. Avoid factory-made 90 degree eblows at all costs. Use soft copper tubing (rather than hardened) that gives you a simlar inside diameter to your plastic tubing, and be sure that it's large enough that the clear tubing has to stretch a little to go over it. Worm drive hose clamps will make leaks unlikely, but you sho uld always test for 24 hours either outside of the case or with only the pump powered. And do keep the copper tubing and steel hoseclamps away from the pins and traces.
  9. Any luck yet? If killing the sound drivers doesn't do it, you might try reflashing the BIOS.
  10. If there's such a thing as a BIOS recovery floppy, you'd think DFI would have it on their server. Maybe they do if you know where to look?
  11. It's not frequency that kills CPU's, it's heat, and to a lesser extent, voltage. If you keep it under 45C and the processor is stable, you're okay on heat. Check this thread for a step by step guide to overvolting your processor without excessive risk. http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?t=384756 Of course, overvolting always carries some risk.
  12. Your temps seem fairly typical. I'm not saying more case ventilation would be a bad thing, but you chipset, CPU, and GPU temps are in range. It's possible your RAM would benefit from fan aimed at it, though. If you can run Prime95 for 24 hours, but you have problems during games, the problem is probably with the 7800 the game software. If you don't have the latest drivers for the card, install them before you do anything else. You can test your hardware with 3Dmark http://www.futuremark.com/download/?3dmark2001.shtml http://www.futuremark.com/download/?3dmark03.shtml The 2001 version is best for maxing out your GPU temp, but the 2003 can be useful for detecting artifacting and some other video card stability issues. If your machine can run both (one at a time) with the test given high priority in task manager, your hardware is probably okay, and you should try reinstalling the game that's locking up on you. Reinstalling the latest version of directX could help too.
  13. I'm not sure either, but if it's asking for you to insert the floppy and it takes command lines from it, you must have at least part of the BIOS. What happens if you hit delete when it's booting? Does the bios screen come up, or does it ask for the floppy first?
  14. Does the Silicon Image Raid controller really support raid 10, or is it raid 01? In the manual, the description and diagram are for what is usually called "raid 01" or "raid 0+1". But then it says, "Under certain circumstances, a RAID 10 set can sustain multiple simultaneous drive failures," which is more a characteristic of raid 10. If a drive fails in a raid 10 array, the only single drive failure that can then take out the entire array is the one that was mirroring the failed drive. If raid 01 looses a drive, otoh, that leaves only a single raid 0 array functioning, and if any drive in that array fails, the array goes down. I'm not sure it really makes that much difference, but I'd like to know what I'm dealing with. Does the SI support a raid 0 array made of raid 1 arrays or the other way around?
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