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    WTB 3G Dual Core S939 CPU

    I have a X2 3800+ Toledo that does 2.8 at stock volts, and I don't remember what it needed to get 3ghz but it passed ~12 hours prime. I don't think I have any screens of it at 3ghz but I did post screens of it at 2.8 with stock volts after ~12 hours of prime. It is in my server now but I am rebuilding it with a C2D, just waiting on the new motherboard so I wouldn't be able to get it out to you until the 12th. If you are interested and don't mind the wait I'll find those screenshots and see if I have one with it at 3ghz. Update Stepping is LCBIE 0619RPMW, if you search the web you will find its a good stepping, a few others reported 2.8 with stock volts as well. Screenshots are posted HERE. I needed 1.469v to get 3ghz but I didn't take screens of it. I am in no way guaranteeing that you will get these results though.
  2. ITEM IS SOLD New in box Ultra X-finity 600w PSU. UPC was removed for rebates. $65 shipped to the lower 48. AK and HI are extra. I'll accept Paypal or MO
  3. Good news, without coretemp running everything works good. I ran prime for 13 hours 10x300 @ 1.469v.
  4. I ran prime for a couple hours without any lockups, so hopefully it is just coretemp. I'll post some more after I have more time to run prime.
  5. I'm pushing my X2 to try and get 3ghz, but when I run prime95 the computer will lock up and the MB speaker will go off and just screech until I hit the reset button. It happened last night at 5am while I was sleeping Scared the crap out of me. It ran prime for 3 hours before this happened. Today I upped the voltage a bit and started running prime and after about 45 minutes it did it again. Is this just instability from the overclock or could there be something else wrong? I have never had it do that before with either of the CPUs I have overclocked with this board. EDIT I forgot to mention all the temps are good. MBM5 says CPU is around 46, Chipset around 48, PWM around 48, and coretemp shows both cores hitting about 47 max. I just remembered something. I had been running prime for about 2 weeks on and off when I had time to try for 3.0. Coretemp was frequently crashing on me. The other day I changed the priority to 9 instead of 10 to see if it would stop coretemp from crashing. Coretemp has crashed since but I have only ran prime a few times since then, two of which the computer locked up. Maybe I'll try priming without coretemp to see if it was causing the problems. I'm using coretemp .94.
  6. Oats

    Oats FS thread

    GeForce4 sold
  7. Oats

    Oats FS thread

    Sold X-Fi Panel
  8. Oats

    Oats FS thread

    All prices include USPS Priority shipping w/delivery confimation to the lower 48. Package Deals $50 for MB package and PSU $60 for MB package, PSU, and McAffee Soyo SY-7VCA-E Socket 370 MB $30 Comes with 2x32MB PC100 and 56k Modem/Sound Card Codegen 20-Pin 450W PSU $25 +3.3 20A +5 40A +12 16A NIB McAffee Internet Security Sweet 2007 $15 Trades: The only thing I'm currently looking for is a small gigabit switch. SOLD ITEMS ATI Remote Wonder w/USB Receiver $15 SOLD NIB Sound Blaster X-Fi front bay device w/Remote $40 SOLD PNY GeForce4 TI4400 64MB(might be 128) $35 SOLD
  9. Oats

    Hauppauge PVR-150

    SOLD I'm selling a Hauppauge PVR-150 MCE with no FM tuner This will work on operating systems other than MCE I bought it from Newegg on 7/21/06 PRICE: $45 shipped to the lower 48 (AK & HI are extra) PAYMENT: Paypal non-credit card or money order SHIPPING: USPS Priority w/insurance TRADES: Cheap 80%+ efficient PSU <300w
  10. Oats

    DFI yellow Sata cable

    That was quick I already found one. Yukon Trooper: I looked at monoprice but this way they match the motherboard as well:D
  11. I am getting a Sata DVD-RW and I am using both of my Ultra-D's yellow sata cables for HDDs. I would like all the cables to match so I am looking for a yellow sata cable from an Ultra-D/SLI-DR/Expert. I am not looking to spend very much on this and would prefer if paypal was used. I am willing to trade a yellow rounded IDE or floppy cable that came with my board. Heatware
  12. Oats

    Rebelranger's items on sale

    I'll take the Thermalright Ultra-120 if it is still available.
  13. Oats

    Opty 165 :: Confused

    If you want to run an 8x multi then I would start back at the begining with an 8x. Lower your mem divider to 1/2 and find your max fsb while using the 8x multi. Then once you know the CPU is stable start messing with the ram again.
  14. Oats

    What Camera to Buy?

    The down side of the rechargable battery pack is that when you are out of town and your battery dies you are screwed unless you bought a second battery for $50+. If you have a camera that takes AA battaries you can carry around replacements that only cost you $5 and in a real emergency you can pick some up at any store/gas station. Plus if you are worried about buying them all the time you can get a set or two of rechargable AA batteries and a charger for under $50. BTW I have a Canon A70 and love it. Its a couple generations old but it still works great so I haven't bothered replacing it. The only thing I wish it had was a LCD that would flip over to protect it like some of the newer A series cameras have. Mines all scratched up.
  15. Oats

    Thermalright HR-05 chipset heatpipe

    SVC has these for $19.99 and JabTech for $23.95 I would get one to test but I am getting a new case in a few weeks and I will wait to get a new chipset cooler then so I don't have to remove the MB twice. I'm sure somebody else will get one and test it out before then.