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  1. Ok guys i have tried all sort things imaginable for the past 4-5 days.Nothing seems to work.Since i am working i cant afford to spend so much time on troubleshooting.Anyways i am going to RMA this thing ,the first thing tomorrow morning.Also i was much happy off with my DFI NF4 Ultra-D and then My Asus A8N32,god know why i bot this crap.Anyways expecting some good Conroe boards from DFI.Till then thanks a lot guys for your help. Now when is this RD600 or whatever its called,for Conroe from DFI coming out ?
  2. anyway to edit TMODs ISO to add these new BIOS files in it ?
  3. Ok i have enabled the reset configuration data thing and also disabled ULi controller and trying to install through Si3114.Will keep you guys updated.Also i am using 04/25/2006 BIOS.I cant go into DOS mode.I can only flash the BIOS thru TMODs CD.If i try booting with 98 bootable disk, it hangs.
  4. Ok i dont know if this is related to this topic but i am facing severe problems with this board.Whenever i try to install OS,it gives me BSOD,i tried everything, PATA drive, SATA Drive, different memory modules, single channel ,dual channel.Different slots for RAM.i even tried installing windows from another system[pure windows] and trying to boot.Nothing helps.What could be the problem ? Also i always get BSOD with different errors like ACPI.sys,CDFS.sys PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA , DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL What do i make of it ? i am completely out of clues.please help me ... Does this mean the board is gone ?
  5. Till ow i have tried only the PATA Hard Drives, i am gonna try the SATA one shortly. PSU is good enough.It worked flawlessly with the system before.Also it was rock stable with my A8N32 SLI and Opty 170 OC'ed to 2.8 GHz. regarding the memory, yes i am sure its not problematic as i have memtested it and it gave no errors.
  6. No help from DFI official support forum ? That is so sad....baaah
  7. Ok i flashed 417 BIOS from Tmods CD,did the clearing CMOS thing as per the CD instructions.Now when i was trying to install XP, i get this message - I Memtested the RAM i am using currently - 256MB x 2 Twinmos BH-5,they are in orange slots. Please help me, i am trying to get around this problem for the past 3 days now.:mad:
  8. Hey guys, here is my query, Ok here it goes,i keep my machine ON 24x7. Yesterday when i returned,i saw the system had BSOD.I restarted,i saw BSOD again,which meant that OS had crashed.I tried repairing option of WinXp.It didnt help,so i tried installing afresh by formatting the OS partition.After the formatting thing finished ,after the first restart,it again gave me BSOD with error - ' ACPI.sys' error I tried the same procedure but everytime i got BSOD with different errors like, PCI.sys , ACPI.sys....etc. So i removed the RAM,Os HDD. I installed Hitachi 80GB PATA drive, 512MB Samsung UCC Ram and tried installing on it.Still,after formatting and the file copy while XP installation,after 1 restart i again got BSOD. I completely clueless as to whats the problem ? Anybody got any clue ? Interesting thing is that the same machine is working flawlessly since 1 June 2006 till yesterday, 24x7
  9. Are there any BIOS releases by Bigtoe ? i am searching but cant find,if anyone knows could you please let me know ?:confused:
  10. Even i faced the same problem, Here's what i did, i got a powerful 120MM Fan. It has Current rating of 0.72A,some cheapo chinese make.. I put it at the bottom of the case,blowing air directly on the chipset. Interestingly the temperatures dropped significantly. Earlier i used to get around 53c for chipset @ 2.5GHz but now it refuses to go beyond 45c @ full load. Even though this is not a great solution for the problem,but who cares as long as it gets the job done...
  11. Yes i use the 4V Vdimm Jumper. Although a 80mm fan is constantly blowing air on the VR heatsink which gets hot a lot and the RAM sinks which too get a tad too warm. So with Fan blowing, no issues at all. Before using the fan, the temps were too high and i constantly got te feeling that the system isnt 100% stable. Now its all good and running rock solid.
  12. I guess this is what the user wants to do - 1] he has DFI-NF4 Ultra-D board. 2] He wants to move the jumpers to SLI configuration 3] After doing so,he wants to install 2 different cards in the 2 slots.For example say, Quadro in one slot and 6800GT in the other. 4] After doing so, he wants to know whether he will get display on all 4 DVI/D-sub connectors. AM i right i understand the question/problem here ? or have i gone wrong somewhere ? Anyways , i havent tried this before but i dont think it will work. Although recently Nvidia has enabled SLI support without the Bridge i guess. SO if you mod your board to SLI,then i guess,using similar cards, you will get guranteed 4 displays. Correct me if i am wrong guys.
  13. I Have OCZ Gold VX PC3200, Did 270 @ 2-2-2-8 @ 1T @ 3.7V Vdimm Here you go,
  14. Yes,AG is right, the problem existed in NForce 3 chipset i guess.For example i had Asus K8N-E board and it refused to go past 2.3 on my clawhammer with SATA drive.once i removed the SATA,it did 2.5 easily, noissues at all. Currently i am not using SATA on my NF4 but am gonna switch to one this weekend, will let you know if i find any problems.
  15. I am not sure about this particular Corsair module but the cheapo generics with D43 i had did 270 @ 3-4-4-8 and around 230 @ 2.5-3-3-7 Hope this helps...
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