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  1. B4 someone else tells you let me goahead and say that you will need to go into UserCP and set up you signature with all you parts ... that way if you have some trouble in the future people can tell you what may be causing the problems Yo ... I would say you can probably figure it out you self there are a lot of settings in the BIOS so it will deffinately be helpfull to find some "base" settings that work. Easiest way to do this would be to look into the OC Database forum and go through the socket 939 thread ... Look for someone with a similar setup. The same type of ram chips will be most important, that way you can just steal their DRAM settings this should give you a place to start. Also you can check out the BIOS Memory Guide Sticky in the AMD64 forum ... It has a lot of info about what each setting does and makes suggestions like "start a 15 and work you way down"
  2. I mean there is a chance that, depending on what you do, you could run you pc non-stop and never encounter the error that prime found. I guess most folks do like to take the risk, but it is possible, but it would still be nice to know what is causing the stability issues
  3. Well you will probably want some TCCD / TCC5 RAM like OCZ Plat. Rev 2 b/c this will alow you to reach and higher FSB to make of for you lower CPU multi ... if you are content with a 250 FSB then I believe the UTT / BH ram chips are supposed to perform better at those speeds. Look through the OC Database see what folks are running ... you will be able to see a list of hardware components, proof that they work, and the settings to get them working
  4. I have had serious problems even running windows when installing any IDE drivers ... put the disc back in and remove them im sure if you search you will find others saying the same thing ... no one seems to know why they put them on the disc if they cause so many problems for so many ppl ... not even the DFI guys haha basically windows likes to use it's own IDE drivers and will, in most cases, have problems when you install the IDE drivers built into the Chipset driver package
  5. i don't know man ... try this take your card to a computer store (BestBuy, CompUSA ... what ever is near you) see if you can talk one of the guys into putting your card into one of thier PC to see if it will boot .... then you will know that the card is dead(or not) ... my friend did this with his ram like you he had the ram in it worked fine ... i help him put it together and load windows ... then like a day later it just stoped loading windows. He ran memtest got severall errors, took it to the store and it wouldn't boot in one of thier working pc's, so he RMA'd it and now he's running fine it is weird though if it was Dead you would expect that it would work at all but it may require more knowledge on how they are built to know how bad hardware can seem to work fine for a little while ?
  6. Get the bootable CD ROM ... it's the easiest(i think) and it has all the version on it im still using 5/10 but i guess the 6/23 ones are out now ... they have three verions of each (i.e. 6/23-1 6/23-2 and 6/23-3) certain verions are supposed to be better for certanin types of ram (TCCD or UTT / BH) im sure it says it on the list but im thinking version 2 is what most use ... so maybe thats the one for both types but if not you will have the CD and be able to try all the other ones to find the one that works best for you Hopefully you know how to burn a bootable image onto a CD-R. once you do that the porcess flashing to a new BIOS is pretty easy ... if you have trouble im sure you will find help here
  7. From what ppl have been saying on the this forum as well as others the TCC5 is almost identical to the old TCCD chips ... which is why OCZ didn't create a new revision number for the RAM
  8. Man I thought those cards are supposed to shut themselves off b4 they melt ... haha guess it's best you find out you have a bad card now than in a few months when you can't RMA it anymore
  9. your score isn't terrible .... I would say try some ram settings other then auto http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10195 Look there in the OC Database ... Angry Games has a 6800GT in post #4 doing ~5700 ... but looks like he is OC'ing the videod card also I would say look through the database and find someone with similar setup and try some of their settings to get started I mean im stuck at just over 3600 with my 6600GT
  10. Alot of ppl have had problems getting up and running with any kind of value ram and specically corsair (not b/c it's the worst, just b/c its what most ppl with value ram have) i guess some quick things make sure you have all the connections made to the motherboard (4pin molex and floppy connector) try ram in other slots try one stick at a time If you have any old ram PC2700 ... what ever ... put it in, You need to at least get the board to post so you can make some changes in the bios ... I know there is a specific tread on getting up and running with value ram ... also look in the OC Database ... i saw someone withs Corsair ValueSelect running a 2.5 GHz ... seems like if you can get those setting put in you should at least be able to bood at stock speeds Just looking at your list of hardware I would really lean towards you ram being the problem ... if you can get it to post any of these ways i would say find a friend test their hardware(RAM and/or Videocard) in your pc, test your hardware in their pc should be able to find the problem for sure if you try all of that use the search feature to look for threads on Corsair Value Select .... see if any one else has had this problem and see how they fixed it
  11. you prolly should have posted this in the off topic forum, but here we go ... well if you are gonna be useing a normal tv (non-hd / lcd) with the S-video output you are goind to be limited to 1024x786 ... I'm pretty sure that is the max that video cards sent to S-Video connection. It may be best to use the TV as a second monitor just for watching movie on the pc. Any other kink of normal use will not really be possible simply becase 1024x786 is nearly as shap on a 27" screen as it is on a 17" monitor, so this will greatly hurt you for things shoud as Seeing your crosshair in CS or tring to read any text. if you want an all in one fix you will need and LCD tv to plug into the the dvi/vga port ... or some other HD capable tv paired with a Video card with HD/component outputs. ppl post deals here daily ... there are many sites like this googla away http://www.ecoupons.com/index.php
  12. Guess it really depends one how much you want to OC ... I have my Rev.2's running at 2.8 right now and they seem to be fine. I have heard that the new Rev. 2's with the TCC5 chips will respond a little better to higher voltage, but once you get up around 3v and above you may need some kine of actve cooling. If you don't mind loosening up your RAM timings to avoid mor volts then i would say its probably a good choice. If you want to keep your timings tight then you may want to look at some higher speed rated ram (PC400, PC500 ...) I have that same video card ... Nice choice One thing i noticed is that when i put on my XP90 after using stock cooling for a while, This video temps shot up. I think it is b/c the the fins of the heatsink run parallel with the video card and act like a big heat reflector. The temps were well under the treshold but i decided to move my 120mm exhaust fan from the back of my cast to blow in on the side directly over my video card. this lowers the idel temps over 10C to ~54C i had an 80mm fan in the same location which kept the temps at 47C ... but it was way too loud. with only 2 120mm case fans the rig runs very quiet
  13. just saw a person in another thred that was able to pass prime as well as other stress test, but got random lock ups in other windows progs. He didn't have all the connections to the mobo (molex & floppy) .... any chance you left those unplugged?
  14. I haven't seen the mobo connecters making big diff's in stability, but I have seen ppl the say the without thos connectors theire fans (CPU, chipset) would shut off during use. So i guess is best to have them all in .... hopefully it fixes your problems
  15. i know the AMD 64 forum has a BIOS memory guide sticky. It kida tells what each setting does, then gives tips for tweaking like "Start a 8 and work you way down from there" Hopefully you can avoid having to reinstall windows, but as im sure you know it's not too terrible difficult to corrupt a windows install while trying to find that max OC
  16. it could possible be some of te other ram settings some people have said that the Drive strenght settings have had a big impact on their stability
  17. i would say try some "real" settings other than just auto, check the OC Database to find someone with similar hardware the copy their settings to give you a place to start .... it worked for me
  18. It is the one in my sig pic Yeah it would be alot better if you could adjust the speed/pattern of the blinking LED's I don't know how much of a better job the xp90c will do over the normal one, i'm sure it will be a bit heavier tho. but it seems like if you are up in the 60's you may want to look into more/better case fans to get some more air flow. My two 120mm fans seem to get the job done
  19. I guess you can give it a try, i guess if windows is starting now you are moving in the right direction Also i have seen Angry Games set is vcore by using a lower voltage and higer special vid for stability ie. 1.3 x 123% what is really bad is that once you start to get closer to the stable settings you may have to sit there for four hours to find out it's not prive stable
  20. That is sort of strange that you could pass prime and not run windows. i know windows usually has problems with the IDE drivers that are packed in the chipset drivers on the disk. or is it possible that there is spyware/adware program that is maxing out the resources and causing it to freez? I seems as if the settings are prime stable then it could be a software issue
  21. I like the UFO fan i have the knob set halfway and you still can't really hear it I idle at about 26C and never go above 40c under load but just so you know those LED's are really bright i had to install a switch
  22. well my vinice is running at ~1.45 @ 2.5GHz, but the winnies did like a little more voltage, or so i've read I see a few 3200+ winchesters in the OC Database ... perhapse you can try somone else settings and see if you have any luck. It may jsut be one setting messing you up. Like i had: 2.5-4-3-7 Primed for over 10 hours 2.5-3-3-7 could pass 10 mins also i was wondering if you have sound so you can here if windows is still loading after the video goes out? or if you are or were using dual monitors?
  23. have you tested you current setting for stability with prime95 , SuperPI, ..... ?
  24. Got my 3200+ vinice setting posted in the OC Database http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10195 post #13 I usually really only played with these 4 ram settings CAS Latency Control (Tcl) - 2.5 RAS# to CAS# delay (Trcd) - 04 Bus Clocks Min RAS# active time (Tras) - 07 Bus Clocks Row precharge time (Trp) - 03 Bus Clocks and some voltages to move from 2.0 -> 2.2 -> 2.5 may give you a place to start if these settings don't work I would say maybe look at this number Refresh Period (Tref) - 3120 Cycles becase you have a different type of ram. Check the bios memory guide sticky
  25. Have you tried running memtest to see if you mem is stable at you current settings?
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