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  1. Everything looks good Ram: DFI boards like the OCZ ram Hard Drive: should be good there too Vid Card: you may do better off, seems like those AIW cards often lose performace on both the graphics and the tunrer/capture in order to fit it on one card. Drivers can sometimes be buggy. (I have never actually had one of these cards just read several bad reviews) Another option may be to buy something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102646 About 99.9% of the people can unlock this card to 16 pipelines and approach X850 speeds. That card also has video capture capabilites but you could still get a separate(better) vide captue/tv tuner card. May even be cheaper in the end. This would also help the problem of you wanting to upgrade your videocard while keeping your tuner/capture capabilities. OS not sure if the drive support is there yet its getting better. Should be ok for most of you main components like video and sound card, but i may be more difficult for other ad-on cards. Most programs are still being done for 32 bit. Most of the articles out there are saying that Microsoft is gonna try to push Windows Vista(Longhorn) as thier next major OS upgrade so it will probably stay 32 bit for a while. (Once again i've not personally used XP 64-bit) It just seems like right now you could save some headaces getting stuff(Hardware and software) to work by staying with 32-bit OS XP Pro
  2. you can always use that HD for now ... and when you fill it up grab a new one The retail stores (Bestbuy, CompUS, Circuit City, .... ) have 120 and 160 GB drives for $30 and $40 every weekend with rebates ... check the Sunday ads, find one you like. Also tigerdirect.com have 250GB Seagate for $70 after a rebate, but it's not serial. For PSU i think the ModSteam is supposed be good http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104155
  3. yes you will have to change settings in the BIOS to overclock you cpu and ram. There are overclocking guides on the forums here. They will tell you what settings do what, which ones to change for better performance or stability, and how to test your pc for stability. You can probably even do a google search for "overclocking guide" or "overclocking how-to" for additional info. I would say deffinately read some stuff before you just go in and start changing settings. Most of the time if you choose settings that are too fast for you pc it will just restart/reset itself, due to instability, before it ruins any of you hardware. Still better to know what you are doing to be sure nothing gets messed up. Goodluck with the build DFI-Street OC guide http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823 Initial build guide http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20832
  4. I guess that is a fairly new monitor ... they don't even have it on newegg yet. I see it's "temporarily sold out" on buy.com I assume it's similar to the 204T that they still have a newegg. Basically all of the reviewers mention ghosting ... hopefully the move from a 16ms panel to an 8ms one will make a big difference. I guess wait until some reviews hit the web. But keep in mind, like another persone already said, if you buy a panel with a 1600X1200 res, you will have more troubel as they keep comeing out with new games. Right now you will probably have no trouble with that 7800GT ... but in the furtue you will have basically three choices: Buy a new top of the line videocard Be forced to run the game slowly at the high res Have it look bad buy running the panel out of native res but honestly if i had the cash i'd get one of those big boys :nod: As far as other recomendations go i have been looking at a lot of reviews lately The newer Viewsonic's VX monitors with the 2ms GTG times are supposed to be really fast in games, but not look all that good for everything else. They say they are giveing up some color reproduction for speed. The Samsung's 940b/f are suppose to be better all around. haven't run into any good/recent reviews of the lates monitors form the other manufacturers.
  5. wow i wish i had the kinda money for a rig like that. I was somewhat worried about being able to handel this board at first. I was new to OC'ing myself, and ther were several people (not here) saying this is really only for people who know what they are doing. I had no trouble getting it going the first time. If you are unsure or run into trouble you will certainly be able to find help here. I know a while back they had a tread up with some "first time setup" instructions, not sure if it's still up. I found a good way to get started was to look through the OC data base and try to find someone with a similar setup (cpu/ram most important) and try their settings as a starting point.
  6. I would probably say Plat Rev 2 .... i have seen several ppl up around 300 fbs .... but there really is no wat to know for sure. Just b/c the ram happens to be the same bran and modle doen't mean it will perform the same ... you may get some really good gold that will out perform the someone elses palts ... you never know. You will probably want to stay away form the UTT/BH ram tho .. as you will probably be limited to 250 fsb, however, I think this will outperform TCCD/TCC5 chips at 250 fsb ...
  7. 1. Will be different for differend ppl ... Look in the oc database here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10195 2. haven't tried it 3. olny place to find this is on the CPU itself http://www.amdboard.com/amd64_opn.html
  8. Well first off your readings look fine, it's not unusuall for software probes to give readings that are not exactly spot on. If you check you will probably find that then BIOS will give you different reading also. You should probbly be less concerned about the exact voltages you see, and be more worried about them staying stable. Pretty much most of the ppl around the forums seem to say you really can't trust the sofware probe programs. Your temps seem ok, mine idels at about 27c and goes to aout 40c max ... but my voltages is a little lower than yours (1.4v). As for the stabiliy, several people have found their system to be less stable when running a divider ... may be able to lossen timing and run the mem at 1:1
  9. haha well, first of all you may want to got to UserCP and set up you signature with all you parts, and whatnot I would assume VG goes to ground and VA goes to 12V ... i don't think it's gonna mess anything up if you guess wrong (but if you are scared you may want to ask someone else) but one way will work the other won't haha As for audio, the connectors are on the Karjan Module, should say in the manual which wires go where .... if you arn't using the modual b/c you have another Soundcard installed ... then i assume that soundcard should have "front audio" connectors ... once again look in the manual for what wires go where:)
  10. Well if you do some searching around here you will find tha the deviders are not perfect. Also you will finde that the Corsair VS RAM is very hit-or-miss. Some people get sticks that overclock qite will for $75 RAM and others can't find any stable setting, even at stock speeds. I do remember seeing someone running Corsair VS at 250 FSB in the OC Database, perhaps you could try some of thier settings. I assume you may be able to find stability by loosening timing and trying to keep the ram at 1:1 if possible I know there wast a thread here at one time that was a guide ot getting Value RAM to run on these boards, perhaps search for that
  11. May be someone with your same setup in the OC Database, I would say check there first
  12. may want to go into UserCP and make you sig with the list of all you parts settings look fine ... you can probably put the LTD/FSB: to 4x at that speed ... you just want to keep the final number arround 1000 for socket 939 Also i have seen that sometimes the dividers can make the system less stable. It seems certain deviders work better that others, but if its working for you then there is no reason the change it ... may be something to look at if you get problems in the future
  13. When i got BSOD with/ ntoskrnl.exe error it was my HD, don't know if the HD is old and/or bad, perhaps try to install on one of the other HD's? may be worth a shot .... when i was getting the errors i couldn't even get to windows, i got BSOD before the welcome Screen
  14. Looks like you decided not to Skemp on the PSU ... lol ... good choice i don't know if it is the PSU causing the problems as much as the 4V jumper casing the problem with the board/cpu/ram . Look here: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15247 was having some issues with PC4000 vx the seems to have instantly fixed it's self by moving the jumper back and lowering voltage
  15. 1. I heard ppl have been having problems with the OCZ PC4000 VX ... but most seem to be getting it worked out look here http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15247 not sure if it was the memory or the 4v jumper causing problems but he seems to be running better now 2. Im pretty sure I have the new TCC5 chips b/c it as the "new 3-D" decal on the heatspreader, yet i haven't removed the heatspreader to verify ... they work just fine for me. From what i've read the TCC5 chips are bascially identical, which is why OCZ didn't create a new Revison number. I have also seen in some threads that the new chips respond a little better to more voltag (haven't tested myself yet) 3. My BIOS worked fin out of the box ... don't know if that means all will
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