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  1. Its very good.. Its the same RAMS are you're refering to.. =) 512 x 2 and doing 312Mhz at 2.5-3-3-2 at 2.9V.. =) But to run TCCDs at 250Mhz at 2020205, its rather hard.. If you wan it your way, get a Winbond chipset.. =)
  2. Can I know what kind of timings do you use for the Hynix? Those like, TRRD, TRWT, TWRT, and such..? Can I have the whole of them? =)
  3. I actually got the Hynix BT-D43 512MB DDR400 for my 2nd System. With Gigabyte K8NS and AMD Sempron 64 2800+. But now I'm using my DFI board to clock the rams first, see how high it will go.. =) Anywayz, Gigabyte K8NS got a few Ram timings to set also.. Haha..
  4. Hi Guys.. Anyone uses Hynix BT-D43 on Ultra-D nF4? What are the recommended timings used eh? I found TCCD/Winbond Modules but not yet for BT-D43. Planning to hit 250Mhz. =) Thanks..
  5. Haha.. Thanks Guys.. But my J17 is on the 3.3V Rails.. =) So I'd assume that there'll be not much harm? Anywayz, I've tryied and confirm that I can only on with Hot Keys.. Cannot use Any Keys to on my system.. =)
  6. I've tested and it only works on Hot Key.. Not on Passward/Any Key.. How come ar?
  7. Oic.. Thanks guy.. I'd give it a try.. ANywayz, my 5V rails is at.. 40A... Okay right? I'd give it a try..Thanks Guys..!
  8. Guys.. I understand that DFI LP UT nF4 Ultra-D has this function.. Power On w/ Keyboard (Any Key/Password/Hot Key) Seriously.. I cant seem to use this function at all.. Do I need to have any special thing to activate it? I actually only tried setting it to enble in BIOS, afterwhich I off my system.. Pressing any key hoping that it'll on.. Sounds stupid I noe.. But I'd like to use this function.. =) Any helpers out there..?
  9. There is now currently a 702 BIOS.. Released just today only? Lolz.. Well.. I've only to tell you, try them all to know which is best for you.. =)
  10. Yup.. I'm looking for one PCI-E card now.. Cuz I do not have one with me right now.. Its so fooked up.. Zzz....
  11. I certainly also think that, thats the issue.. I've yet to solve it.. I've reinstalled WindowsXP, whole lot of nVidia and other essential drivers.. And its still x2.. Is it my Graphics Card......?
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