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  1. On the motherboard documentation there are explantions for the beeps that you described.You can download the pdf file at the DFI site.The beep codes will give you a good hint at what is wrong.
  2. Try uping your special vid to 104% or 110% or up your vid volts another notch it should adjust up or down any time you change it .About memtest I could run memtest for hours also even when I could not get my computer to boot.Memtest just qualifys your ram and tell you that nothing is wrong .Windows adds a whole new dymention to your computer Running prime 95 will let you know if your settings are good.
  3. Up till 3 months ago everything was running pretty good @275 @2.5-4-10-4.Then reboot problems started creeping in.After another month I was having reboot problems even useing optimal settings.I checked everything from video card,memtested the ram put the mutimeter on the power supply.Everything checked out fine . Was ready to relaod windows. Then as a last ditch effort I went to the OCZ site and got the most stable settings for my Ram.I've never been able to run my ram under 2.8 volts now it is running at 2.6 volts @ 2-2-8-2 timeings.Before I loaded these setting I could barely get into windows @ 3.0 volts.So My suggestion is to go to the mushkin site and see if they have a stble setting data base and try those settings because useing optimal settings in the bios probably won't cut it.
  4. Resolved after reflashing, Downloaded bios on a new floppy.Thanks for all the suggestions
  5. Yes I have halt on all errors enabled,It's a wierd problem, as I said before it happened when I flashed the Bios so 623-3 was working when it first happened.I'm going to wait till the lanparty screen comes on then I'll shove in the floppy to reflash.Yes I always load optimized settings when flashing.I'm useing a DVI -DVI on an LCD Monitor and it is The PCI card is on the top slot and the Jumpers are not SLI enabled.It seems to happen after a couple of reboots.It's not stoping me from playing with my Machine But it is a unique problem.
  6. I used a new floppy,and I am planning to reflash as soon as I can be resonably sure I won't have a black screen again when I do the deed
  7. I have restarted the computer 5 times since I am troubleshooting another issue unrelated to this.and the first 4 times I got the lanparty logo and the windows logo screens.Then on the last reboot nothing untill the windows loggon screen I'm almost thinking it might be a issue with the current nvidia graphics drivers.P.S. the light on my monitor stays on orange untill the windows loggon,and the bios won't show when hitting the delete key
  8. I used the Diamond flash that comes with the bios on the DFI site. When I flashed the bios The screen did not come on but flashed anyway,scared the bejeezes out of me ,I could not see what was happening.But I left it running awhile to make sure it was finished then cleared cmos and rebooted to all four diagnostic lights on.Then I did a 24 hour clear with battery removal and insert key hit then was able to get into the bios.Everything looked good,then rebooted at stock frequencys and no startup screens,not a thing,not even the Windows logo with the moving dots,I could hear the hardrive working so I let it run and then the screen came on at the loggon screen
  9. I am having some problems getting my bios screen to display.Flashed the new bios on the Dfi site Cleared cmos and comp will only display bios screen a couple of boots then it won't any more.The screen comes on after windows loads.Have reseated the graphics card but nothing. any ideas? :confused:
  10. Try moving all your bios settings to default, it looks like you have a bit of an overclock there
  11. What are the voltages in the bios ?My ram will post at 2.6 volts but will not boot windows under 2.8
  12. Have you tried them in banks 2 and 4?and tried booting with 1 stick in bank4?
  13. With Zalmans That seems to be the tradeoff less noise higher temps,Mine idles at 32C but is louder than I would like
  14. If your comp worked before you sleaved your wires,then your wires are crossed.Go and buy a new supply and install it to see if that will fix your problem.Then you have time to fix the old one.Then take the new one back and pay the restocking fee.
  15. It may be that you have too many devices hooked up for that power supply.You could alway disconect a couple of them and try to overclock again.
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