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  1. Ok, so now here is my issue, i am currently running x4 sticks of plat. rev 2 pc 3200 on my DFI Lanparty SLI-DR. I am running the latest BIOS from DFI. I also have a 3500+ winchester, and I know it defaults to ddr333. But I forced it to run ddr400 in the BIOS and it is prime 95 stable with 2-2-2-5 timings 2T. But every now and then in BF2 I get a BSOD, I freeze, or my system restarts. This issue has seemingly gotten worse over time. Any help is grately appreciated! PS: This is all at stock speeds(it crashes oced too though).
  2. Does anybody know what the max temperature for the nf4 chipset is?
  3. Done EDIT: Hmmm...it shows up when i click on my name but not below me :confused:
  4. Thanks! I am trying to reach 2.706 stable, I was prime stable for 22 hours at 2.673, maby I should clock it donw a bit to reamin safe and to keep a lower vcore; here is a screeny
  5. Am I pushin it runnin my winny at 1.66vcore on air, i mean today my temps were awsome with my windows open and all with like 50*F temps outside(today idle 29*C load 42*C) but hotter days are goin to come and am I alright with 1.66vcore with temps say around like 46-47* load? I got a new 3 bladed delta high speed fan that does an awsome job coolin so I think it will be ok. Prime 95 will fail if i run it with say 1.64vcore, but games will run fine so so I just keep it with that, im not sure wheter to pump up the vcore for more stability or just run what is game stable....opinions are appreciated
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