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  1. What would be the better bios to use with 1gb sticks of Mushkin cl2 ?
  2. Got some G.Skill LE TCCD sticks for my birthday Never played around with TCCD and was just curious what the average voltage is needed? I've read about people running them at 3.0v but have heard that I shouldnt go over 2.8v. Also going to try the 510-1 bios, I believe that was the TCCD one?
  3. I couldnt run my Geil good at all on my A64 box. The same sticks ran at 2.5-3-3-6 on my P4 board but I had to drop the cl to 3 to be able to install window and they wont overclock past 210, that was with the 310 bios though.
  4. I just got this board and started using the nVidia Gigabit ethernet with my DSL that goes through my Netgear router. The problem I have is that I lag out in games for no apparent reason. It will be working perfectly fine browsing the internet and playing online games and then suddenly I will get hit with massive packet loss and lag. The only way for me to fix the lag is to relog to the game. I tried transfering some music files from my 2nd computer to mine when about at the end of the file transfer my 2nd computer just started acting all slow and the transfer was just taking forever to complete. I switched over to the Marvell ethernet card and well I do not get any of the lag issues that I get with the nVidia ethernet. I do not have any of these problems on the other 3 computers at my house that are on the same network. Any ideas on this problem with the nVidia? Could it be a driver issue or is it just borked. I may just RMA the board for another from where I bought it but I would rather try to fix the problem.
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